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    jjk 05.17.2005 @ 15:17

    Holy cow! I’m the first to comment on the list of most commented on posts. Hell yes! *drifts off into thoughts of infinite regression*

    L'el 05.17.2005 @ 16:38

    Which reminds me of the infinite cat project

    Holly 05.17.2005 @ 20:17

    Guess who’s iPod is named Hollaback Girl?! What does it mean?

    xaosseed 05.17.2005 @ 23:27

    The infinite cat project is amazing…


    I think it would be brilliant if this thread were the most discussed. With this goal in mind I propose the following subtopic: Infinite Cats – would the Infinite paper be better? (write paper, cite previous paper, photo paper with citation, lather rinse repeat)

    MDA 05.26.2005 @ 16:34

    Unfortunately, the way it’s currently set up, only honest to God posts will make the list. Since this page isn’t a real post, you’re out of luck. I could change it… but it seems a little silly.

    Adam 06.12.2006 @ 14:11

    Wow. “bebo” has sped past “hollaback girl”! Granted less than 10% of comments in either post are worth reading, but impressive nonetheless.

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