Taco Tuesday

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I once made the boast (read “threat”) that I could eat twenty tacos from Del Taco in one sitting. I still think I could do it, but it’d take some prep work.

I just got polished off nine and am pretty full. But how could I possibly resist three tacos for ninety-nine cents (plus tax)? $3.22 for a veritable feast… of cheap tacos… and hot sauce. Well, maybe not a feast, then, but good nonetheless.

What is the marketing strategy behind such a promotion? I mean, this happens once a week, and it’s the only time I go to Del Taco. I suppose by making it an “event”, they get people thinking about it. And even at thirty-three cents a taco, they probably still manage to skim off a profit. Plus, people will probably buy drinks (with which restaurants fleece their customers) and other menu items.

Hm. Now that I think about it, it’s pretty clever. And of course, they got me talking about it.

Damn you, Del Taco, and your cheap tacos.


    The Taco Bell Chihuahua 02.16.2005 @ 00:30

    Yo quiero to smack you for this post. Del taco taco’s are pretty good…for me to poop on! (Triumph stole that from me)

    jjk 02.16.2005 @ 12:32

    Hey, let me know when you’re up for the 20 taco binge fest. Obviously I won’t be able to do it until after Easter, but hey, what better was is there to ease back into meat eating then downing 20 Del Taco tacos?

    jjk 02.16.2005 @ 12:33

    Okay, I’m an idiot. Change “was” to “way” and “then” to “than”, and then you’ll have a more readable comment. Doh!

    MDA 02.16.2005 @ 19:20

    …weekend after Easter?

    adam 02.16.2005 @ 23:05

    MMMmmmm… 20 Tacos…

    My money is on… well, it’s on me in that kind of event. I’m down for the 20 taco fest too. Just let me know when and I’ll come with an empty stomach.

    MMMmmmm… Cardiac arrest… I mean, Tacos…

    jjk 02.17.2005 @ 16:59

    Yeah, weekend after Easter sounds good.

    MDA 02.17.2005 @ 17:10

    We could also do it Tuesday night and save ourselves seven bucks apiece.

    jjk 02.18.2005 @ 01:58

    That’s why I like you, you’re always thinking. Tuesday it is. That way, I can waste Wednesday being sick as a dog rather than wasting one of my oh-so-precious Saturdays or Sundays.

    UALboy 02.19.2005 @ 23:32

    I bet it is like running a marathon. So, if you are doing it the Tuesday after Easter, you better start strecthing out your stomach. Since you have started with 9 already, next week, plan on doing 11, then add on 2/3 every week until you reach something like 17 (you never want to do a full 20 until the ONE time you are doing it). Now, the key is to start toning down like 2 weeks before. So, the week before, you just do like 5 for fun. The only problem is that you may get really really tired of taco in 2 weeks. (and maybe eating 20 tacos and running a marathon are totally 2 different things. But, they do share the same theme of pushing your limits, right?)

    MDA 02.20.2005 @ 16:26

    Hm… interesting point. That probably is the way to go. I think, though, I’m gonna go it cold. It’s more of a challenge that way (plus I’m cheap).

    Paul.za 02.21.2005 @ 00:35

    The training is an interesting point — but I think that a big dinner the day before is in order — I always seem hungrier the next day. Though I suppose hungrier doesn’t necessarily mean able to eat more!

    MDA 02.22.2005 @ 23:14

    For the curious, today is again Tuesday, and I got taken down by six tacos and a half-pound bean and cheese burrito. It’s those beans – way too filling. I should have known better.

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    taco tuesday 10.10.2006 @ 14:04

    taco tuesday is my life!!!!!! i sit in a dark room all week until that one special day comes!

    Anonymous 04.05.2007 @ 18:25

    three for tuesdas is one taco split in three shells, at least that’s what I got!

    Brent 04.23.2008 @ 18:09

    It’s my assumption that it is not entirely legit as it seems, and there is probably a scheme behind this taco deal. An assumption, but a starting point to uncover why it’s once a week on Tuesday. I came up with the analogy when I realized that every time I go to Del taco, on Tuesday, I get maybe 15-30 tacos for a good price. However, when I eat them, they are poorly made, no cheese, and little meat. Okay, whatever, it’s a deal, right? However, the taco shells are stale and old. Wait a minute, hold on a second. Why are they always old and stale? Now, it would be such a simple matter of fact to say that ingredients get old. Some don’t get used, and they have to throw them out. But an exception! How about, we sell them for an extremely cheap price right before shipment comes in so we can still make money off of them, rather than throwing them out. Could that possibly be it? I don’t remember if I read any slogans or quotes saying they use the freshest ingredients. It’s only an assumption anyway, a pretty damn good one though. So keep in mind, all deals might have a catch, and in fact, most deals have a catch.

    Animal Angel Rescue 12.09.2008 @ 07:05

    I would hate to be you the morning after 20 tacos :)

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