Trying out something useless

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The orange tagline area in my site’s header now displays the second most recent search hit query from Google, Yahoo! or MSN (with a link!).


    Adam 07.21.2005 @ 23:48

    Genius! And it’s rather humorous that it currently says “hollaback means”.

    L'el 07.22.2005 @ 00:14

    Ooh what’s the code for that to show? I can’t wait to further glorify my google-granted status as an expert on National Geographic’s genography project, and on “awesomely bad puns”…

    Adam 07.22.2005 @ 02:10

    OOOooo!!! Now it says “Blogwaffe sucks”!!!

    Adam 07.22.2005 @ 02:12

    I just googled “blogwaffe roxors!!!” in hopes of changing the header, but instead the ONLY link that popped up was, rather interestingly, this.

    Holly 07.23.2005 @ 15:19

    the last two times it said: gwen stefani’s boobs and hollaback girl. you are a technical genius.

    Adam 07.24.2005 @ 00:01

    “Gwen stefani’s boobs”, “hollaback girl”, and now it says “the best erections”. Very interesting.

    Adam 07.25.2005 @ 03:54

    I’ve finally seen some headers that don’t have to do with “blogwaffe”, “gwen stefani”, or “erections”:

    “will macosx run on all intel laptops”
    “missle silos museum”

    MDA 07.26.2005 @ 21:14

    Indeed, there’s been some good ones. I (ashamedly) forgot to mention that this was Greg’s idea. His most brilliant one to date, in my opinion.

    Adam 07.26.2005 @ 23:43

    Mike, I think you’ve misspelled something. It should have been “His only brilliant one to date,” not “His most brilliant one.” That most/only thing is sometimes tricky.

    (I kid! I kid!)


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    antigone 08.09.2005 @ 18:31

    this IS the best to date. And to think I was going to give up. such a pleasure to read these pearls of wisdom I’ll think I might string them all together and then hang myself with the world’s largest strand. There is nothing more to live for anyway having seen all of the above.

    delaney 12.13.2005 @ 16:28

    i got bored today and googled up the words something useless and this website was the first thing that pop up.
    ok this is random.


    jjk 12.13.2005 @ 17:28

    I think delaney gets the play of the day. Well done.

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