My bits are falling apart

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As promised, I have started running. And, as predicted, the schedule is kicking my pansy ass. I was supposed to run one and a half miles the first day (yesterday) but only managed to run the first half a mile before having to walk a bit. Overall, I ran a total of one mile. Go me.

Today I was scheduled to run three miles. Though I managed better than the day before, I still couldn’t run the whole thing. I ran one mile before having to walk; I ran a bit over two miles overall. On the plus side, the path I took turned out to be four miles instead of three. So, adding the walking I did when I should have been running and the walking I did back and forth to campus, I walked nearly four miles today. Walking’s nice; I like it.

“How do I feel?” you ask. Thank you for asking. I feel horrible :) I typically don’t get sore until two days after working out (rather than the next day). Right now I can barely move my legs. That means this running nonsense has made me sore just the day after or perhaps even the very same day. I shudder to think how I’ll feel tomorrow morning. Plus my foot hurts. Same for some funny tendon in my groinal region. And my back is stiff.

This is supposed to be good for me?

The schedule puts me back to one and a half miles tomorrow. I might just have a chance, assuming my groinal region doesn’t brast all to shivers.


    Joanna 05.12.2005 @ 09:04

    maybe you should just walk today and give your bits a chance to mend. you don’t want to burn out, and after all, hal higdon says walking is okay !
    I don’t know how to blog properly – that’s supposed to be a link…

    gv 05.12.2005 @ 10:11

    Running is definitely not good for you. It is a “sport” invented by and for masochists who would rather have their bodies deteriorate slowly then stop running. Racquetball, on the other hand, is really cool.

    Dixie 05.12.2005 @ 10:11

    It helps if you stretch before and after running.

    I know there are many far more experienced runners out there who think that’s a load of hooey, but I (as a highly casual runner) have always found that it helps immensely.

    jjk 05.12.2005 @ 10:31

    “Plus my foot hurts. Same for some funny tendon in my groinal region.”

    It looks like someone missed Sex Ed. day in elementary school. That’s alright, bro. Buy me a beer, and I’ll exlpain what’s going on.

    MDA 05.12.2005 @ 11:00

    Joanna, Thanks for the reminder :) I’ve been walking when I needed to and running when I could. My bits aren’t quite so bad I make them out to be, but I’ll see how far I get running today. Tomorrow is a day off on the schedule and Saturday is a walking only day, so that’ll be nice. I’m definitely still on the learning curve here in terms of pacing, when I should take a break and walk, etc. I imagine my bits will shape up once I figure out what I’m doing and let them know they’ll have to keep doing it with me.

    gv, Sports involving supersonic eye gouging missiles flying in adversarially chosen trajectories have always scared me. But I’ll think about it. People always say the healthiest thing you can do with fears is face them dead on.

    Dixie, I’ve stretched a bit, perhaps not enough. I’m thinking particularly of my groinal region when I say that. My foot I can do nothing about. It’s been suggested I might need better arch support in my shoes.

    jjk, Having missed the class, I may not know all the names and the theory, but I could sure show you a thing or two about the practice. But yeah, I’m always game for a beer.

    Adam 05.12.2005 @ 12:40

    I highly agree with Dixie. Whenever I go running, I try to stretch for at least 5 minutes both before and after. The times when I don’t stretch that much result in being rather sore the next day. It also might not hurt to put in a warmup and another quick stretch before you really start running. And for the first week or two I’d say it’s more important to make it out alive and (relatively) uninjured than it is to keep to the schedule.

    L 05.12.2005 @ 12:56

    Adam is right. Paying attention to what your body can handle is more important than following the schedule. Repeat the first week routine if it seems like your body’s not ready for an increase yet.

    Sore feet can mean different things. It may mean you need better arch support, gel inserts in shoes or better shoes. But even just massaging your feet a bit after you run can help a lot too.

    hhk 05.12.2005 @ 13:26

    hhk requests a battle with jjk, those initials are too close for comfort.

    jjk 05.12.2005 @ 14:15

    Request for battle accepted. I’m assuming we’re going to settle this in the only way respectable people settle such things…thumb wrestling.

    MDA 05.12.2005 @ 14:16

    Man – put up one post about ‘groinal regions’ and everyone thinks I’m a masochist. I have no intention of allowing any of my bits to rend, explode, discombobulate or otherwise suffer permanent deleterious effects. A couple transient pains I can handle. And, for the moment, I feel I can distinguish between transients and harbingers of doom. Also, I’ve never thought the schedule gospel. The idea of repeating the first weeks or days until I get comfortable with the routine is a good one (but I’m biased, I mentioned it under the original post).

    L, Thanks for the information about the foot. A little bird told me earlier today that there are things I can do about it. Nothing better than becoming a bit less ignorant.

    MDA 05.12.2005 @ 14:17

    Haskell, Jeff: You two, Fight to the Death!

    hhk 05.12.2005 @ 15:05

    I don’t think my thumb is long enough…

    Adam 05.12.2005 @ 15:55
    iik 05.12.2005 @ 17:08

    Screw you both.

    MDA 05.12.2005 @ 19:23

    For the curious: Ran a bit over a mile, walked some, ran the last quarter mile.

    kate 09.25.2007 @ 07:59

    LOL I feel so sorry for you.
    I am in the same boat today.
    Hurts to walk even a few steps.
    I was going to walk today but I don’t
    I can bare the pain!! I have pneumonia so
    Dr wasn’t overly impressed that I was running
    while I was sick anyways. No running for ten days. Sucks!


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