The sacrifices these kids make

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I got an email today from one of my students. The subject: “PLAYBOY MANSION”. I thought at first he had a virus, but no – read on. Quoting from personal correspondence in a public arena is a heinous offense punishable by duodenal excision, but I’m making an exception this time. And I’m sure the original sender won’t mind in the slightest.

Dear all powerful and sympathetic TA,

Do you like jazz? I know you like playboy bunnies. The playboy jazz festival is coming up and they’re having opening festivities this Wednesday. I also got a call from a friend who’s looking for a drummer to play Wednesday afternoon AT THE FLIPPING PLAYBOY MANSION (I put that in caps because I’m excited and I’m a drummer too!). Please, I beg you, let me escape the bubble we float around in each day that we call Caltech. Let me break free from time constants and propagation of errors so I can jam out and hopefully get tangent to some (HOT) curves (you know what I’m talking about). In fact, you can come along too if you want! Please, my good man, if you have any sympathy for a poor, hard-working, stressed student, you won’t make me pass up a trip to the playboy mansion for physics lab!

John “I’ll take pictures!” Doe

Sweet merciful crap.

Good GOD man, by all means go forth and multiply.

Enjoy (and take your camera),

Say what you will about Caltech (I know I will), but this never happened at Rochester.


    Paul.za 02.28.2005 @ 23:46

    Me? Jealous? Um, yes.

    MDA 03.01.2005 @ 00:04

    Yeah – maybe there’s some way I can take the entire lab (both students and equipment) to the Hugh’s place for the day.

    jjk 03.01.2005 @ 00:54

    Field trip!

    MDA 03.01.2005 @ 01:03

    I’ll get you in touch with the guy if you want to go :)

    xaosseed 03.01.2005 @ 09:40

    Huh – and people wonder why I like Cali? Could it be that this kind of stuff *never* happened in Dublin?

    Paul.za 03.01.2005 @ 10:56

    Though to be fair, it never happens to most of us either! So in fact we could say we’re worse off — not only is it not happening to us, but we know people to whom it IS happening. Talk about rubbing it in our faces!

    rob poitras 03.01.2005 @ 12:38

    if you go to ucb, they have naked parties in the streets all the time.
    no invitiations or anything needed. too bad they are all old, wrinkley, & dead beat hippies.
    my step sister is a play boy bunny. its really difficult to be a guy and get in. its direct invite only if you are a guy. if a girl has the privelage of going there, she can only bring another girl.
    let me go check my mail to see if mr heffner has read my blog and figured out that i need to be there in order to keep playboy going into 2005

    adam 03.02.2005 @ 00:27

    Adam would post a comment, but he’s too busy crying himself to sleep and wondering why things like this never happen to him.

    MDA 03.02.2005 @ 08:25

    rob, you don’t surprise me at all about ucb. As to getting an invite to Hef’s… every band’s got to have roadies, right? Besides, it’s still worth the attempt just for the story.

    adam, to be fair, you’re not a drummer are you? :)

    Adam 03.02.2005 @ 10:57

    Mike, no, I’m not a drummer. But I am a sax player and have a deep and abiding love of both playing and listening to jazz. Especially when said jazz is surrounded by gorgeous and scantily clad women.

    Kristján 03.03.2005 @ 22:25

    Hmm well I do play bass guitar…bunnies here I come

    MDA 03.03.2005 @ 22:38

    Sounds like you and Adam need to start a combo, Kristján.

    Kristjan 03.04.2005 @ 14:36

    I’m pretty sure that drummer-guy is attending a Star Trek conference somewhere in the area

    MDA 03.04.2005 @ 15:47

    If he is, the fires of a thousand suns shall be unleashed on his lab reports. He did admit I was his all powerful TA, afterall.


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