AJAX Comment Preview


Get the plugin from the Ajax Comment Preview page in the WordPress.org plugins directory.


The newest version of this plugin (version 2.1) is compatible with WordPress 2.6 and higher only. Users of WordPress 2.0.x should use the older version 1.0.1 (which is unsupported and probably broken).


For more information, see the Ajax Comment Preview FAQ in the WordPress.org plugins directory.

To use this plugin, all files from the zip file you download must be in your wp-content/plugins/ directory. If you choose to place them in a subdirectory, all files must be in the same directory.

Activate the plugin from your WordPress site’s Plugins admin page.

Edit the plugin’s options from your Options -> AJAX Comment Preview admin page in order to specify the formatting of the preview. This will depend on your particular theme. The default format works for WordPress’ default Kubrick theme.

Note: You may need to tweak your theme’s CSS to get the preview to look exactly like a normal comment.


I get a number of comments on this post testing the system. A little odd, since it seems to me people should be testing the preview functionality (which is new) not the comment posting functionality (which is the same old WordPress standard stuff). Anyway, that’s cool. Go ahead. But please do me a favor; don’t just thow up some lame “testing” comment. Try sending over a poem or maybe something from the Farmer’s Almanac. Tell me your favorite book/artist/music. Don’t suck; try to be creative.

The History

My original post.


  • Fixes an JavaScript issue in Internet Explorer reported by Eric


  • Full gravatar/avatar support
  • Moved to jQuery
  • WordPress 2.7 support
  • Should have fixed any character endcoding issues
  • Should now work on pages served as XML


  • Fully internationalized dates


  • Fixed some JS errors (Mark Jaquith)
  • %email_hash% available for gravatars
  • Readme file with configuration instructions
  • Fix double offset in dates (Mark Jaquith)


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    Live Comment Preview works, but you have to change the textarea ID in the live-comment-preview.php file on line 124. You can find out that the ID is by looking into the source code of the page with comment form on it. It will be an unique string of seemingly random numbers and letters like a73911 , so use that.

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