Some Folk

Let me know if you want off this list or would rather be listed under a different name.

  • aaron
  • abu
  • ace
  • adam
  • allen
  • ariele
  • beecher
  • bengis
  • bert
  • bonnie
  • chana
  • dixie
  • greg
  • haskell
  • heidi
  • holly
  • jeff
  • jenni
  • joanna
  • kaf
  • katie
  • lincoln
  • Matt
  • michelle
  • mizzle
  • neeks
  • paul.za
  • preskill
  • roger
  • sarah
  • suavisimo
  • suvir
  • ted
  • uber
  • xaosseed


    Griztown 04.07.2005 @ 15:32

    Haha, why would I need to defend anything? You need a good picture of me with the beard.

    MDA 04.07.2005 @ 15:36

    It’s true, I do. I’ll look around for one when I get back home. If you’ve got a good one, though, send it my way.

    Holly 04.08.2005 @ 12:51

    You could list me as Girl With Same Haircut. Just kidding. I like my name.

    MDA 04.08.2005 @ 13:41

    Girl With Same Haircut,
    I think ‘Girl Who Copied My Ultra-Stylish Look’ is more appropriate :)


    *sharpens fingerpencils*
    Yeah, well, I like the fact that you disguised my incompetence as deep-seated physical and empotional trauma.


    MDA 04.15.2005 @ 07:37

    Disguised? ;)

    Kate Brodock 01.31.2006 @ 13:01

    The beautiful bust of my brother, if I must be alliterate, if that’s how you spell it, is still glowing in the Brodock household.

    Mizzle 08.31.2006 @ 15:06

    So like any other day, I came home from work and began writing an XSLT class for my website, and came across an FAQ about wordpress. So I clicked it and saw Michael Adams, contributing developer. Could it be!? Sure enough, Shaggarific himself. Drop me a line boss! alert(“Good filter!”)

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