man is my powerbook ever sexy

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.right. .well. .i’d like to say i’m back in the habit of updating my website regularly, but i’m not. .the only reson i’m doing this is because i’m sitting here watching my new powerbook reformat and reinstall itself. .i just bought it today from the bookstore along with a 20gb ipod at a ridiculous price (as in good), plugged it in to the wall and the net, let it update all its software bits, and watched it freeze while installing the last component. .so i called the apple dude, and he walked me through some diagnostics etc. and then told me to reformat, install, restore, and run more extended diagnostics overnight while i’m asleep. .to all of those out there who are laughing and saying i deserved this for upsetting fate by switching, nuts to you. .i don’t blame apple. .this is a far cry from some of the stuff i’ve had to do with new pcs. .i’m still pleased with my sexy new powerbook.


so many movies

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.i find myself again, as usual, with nothing to say when i’m actually in front of a computer. .i seem to be in the habit of coming up with interesting ideas and promptly forgetting them in order to eliminate the need to share them. .comes from having an undisciplined mind. .apropos, i can no longer spell. .not that i ever could very well, but now i can’t at all. .i just had to look up on dictionary.com how to spell “eliminate” (one l or two?). .i think it’s because i write so infrequently now, and because the above resource is too handy when i do write to think about it much (because, naturally, when one thinks about it, one sees it should only be 1 l [sic]). .basically the same reason kids can’t do math these days: calculators. .of course, i’d rather be able to do math than spell. .if you can’t spell, you can still communicate in writing just fine; you just might look a bit foolish. .you can’t do math, you can’t do math.

.less interestingly to me, but perhaps more so to anyone else, i have seen a ridiculous number of movies in the theater this week: van helsing, troy (at grauman’s chinese), mean girls, and alfie (a screening complete with hollywood afficionados). .surprisingly, i enjoyed all of them. .in particular, it was interesting to see how the screenors screened the screening. .several days ago, greg called in with our names to get us on “the list”. .being people of such notoriety, this evening we went over and stood in a line with our screening fliers which, upon stating our ages (in order that the screenors learn about our respective demographics), were exchanged for “priority” tickets to the screening. .some people did not make the cut; presumably they were in an already well represented demographic. .fear not, they were given passes to see any other movie at the paseo for free. .we then sat in the theater for fourty-five minutes while the screenors went around with clipboards and asked random people questions like “?did you see the original?” (referring to the 1966 film upon which the current is based), “?did you see x-men?” (i swear i heard one ask that), etc..

.naturally, i decided to go to the bathroom right when the screening was scheduled to screen. .naturally, and fortunately, the screening was late, so i missed nothing. .the movie was “very good (2)” overall with “interesting settings (6)”, a “good story (8)”, and was at times “touching/emotional (4)”. .there were, of course, questionnaires after the screening. .most importantly, we were invited to another screening (of “stay“, a supernatural thriller starring ewan mcgregor). .it looks iffy. .hopefully i won’t make the cut and i can go see something else for free.


down with the entertainment man

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.there are two things which the entertainment industry wants me to do, but i’m nobody’s bitch. .one: to posit and rage about the last episode of angel (ever). .i know the ending was created so that the internet angel rings could rant and yell about the issue(s) for years to come, thus keeping the show alive and ready for spinoffs, made for TV movies, etc. based in the angel universe/with the angel mythology. .you’ll make no mark out of me. .é finito. .two: go to the jerry seinfeld’s “i’m a prostitute” website. .if anyone ever checks my browser history, i guarantee he or she will never find that site listed. .you’ve made a mockery out of yourself jerry, or at least allowed amex to do so with their guileful advertising. .i hope you realize you were filler material between friends episodes and nothing else. .nothing nothing, jerry. .and i even rented comedian.


some sun for the great white geek

.a few new pics from a lovely day at the beach on saturday with jeff, ariele, ace, bert, bonnie, and brian. .lovely, that is, except that jeff blew out his knee again throwing the frisbee around. .i’ve noticed that la beaches, though not living up to their “everyone is super hot standards” (recall: i was there), do attract quite a few hunnies. .of course, there’s the volleyball players to contend with. .the set of pics also includes some amigos shots from the night previous. .i’m thinking about archiving the pictures somehow and just keeping a representative sample of people/venues. .who knows. .i’ll probably wait until the page starts overflowing a bit.

.in other news, i’ve written the engine.beta for paul.za’s idea about the others page. .there’s only four (nascent) entries up right now, so don’t feel bad if you’re not one of them. .do let me know if the popup setup is heinous. .i hate frames, so i didn’t use them, and doing it in-window with css looks nigh impossible.

.ah yes. .i’d go off on a “the ends never justify the means speech since the means are the ends: they’re the only thing that matters” rant about the whole iraqi prisoner abuse situation, but i’m tired and i haven’t eaten dinner. .consider yourself lucky for not having to hear a preachy and ill-informed wind.

.and point of a day from last week or so goes to allen for his research on today’s ring tone economy.


who knew there was a word “downbeat”?

.went out to recline last night for yet another birthday soirée. .this time, though, i was crashing; greg invited me along as his date to meet and congratulate on another year survived martin. !parse that! .interesting trivia about recline: albert einstein once had offices in the same building. .a nice “downbeat” atmosphere with pleasant people, but definately not the sit-down-and-drink-a-pint-place i enjoy more frequently.

.today i had four things which needed to be accomplished: pick up my registration card from the girls’ where i had left it last night, pick up a packet from dian, get dougherty to sign my regsitration card, deliver the packet to preskill, and turn in my registration card (order important). .hey – if two plus two can make five for radiohead, the symmetric can for me. .with the help of heidi, all were accomplished by 9:15am. .i should get up early more often. .too bad i couldn’t sleep until 3:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep from 6:30 on.


an idea from paul.za

.paul.za game me an excellent idea last night, one which i hope to implement in the near to not-terribly-far future. .instead of linking to people’s websites from the others page, i should instead link to a little paragraph that tells who that person is. .naturally, i’d include a telling photograph where possible. .within that paragraph, obviously, i could include a link to the appropriate website. .a fair bit of work to build the engine and think of enough insults to go around, but worth it in the end, i’m sure. .i think i’ll also stop linking to a person’s site whenever i mention him or her. ?why? .because i hate it.


thai for bonnie

.i never mentioned friday. .it was bonnie‘s birthday, so a bunch of us went out to saladang song for thai. .really good. .i showed up late, but everyone else had collectively ordered an impressive family style spread. .i’m still not completely over the fantastic seafood curry. .afterwards, we went back to the birthday girl’s and attacked a really tasty rum cake. .i was a bit worried that the cake claimed to have an infinite shelf life, but i figured the various curries i’d just eaten would help neutralize any of the space age chemicals i took in.

?is anyone else afflicted with the following disorder? .after singing “the lion and the unicorn” for at least 3.2 months of my life (a figure determined by integrating “the lion and the unicorn”(t) over my childhood years), i can no longer see or speak the words “rum cake” without at least mentally moving up a third with a slight crescendo. .odd since it’s “plum cake” in the old rhyme. .anyway, the cake was good (even if its ingredients suspect). .thereafter, i joined bert ace and jeff at the yardhouse to further celebrate bert’s birthday. .later joined by greg, heidi and paul.za. .ah. .and while we’re on the subject of birthdays, happy birthday aaron (a week ago sunday).

.as for sunday, we went out to mogol bbq near colorado and rosemead. .all you can eat bbq along with salads, egg rolls, dumblings {you heard me}, crunchies, some neat sesame pocket bread, and (tofu) eggdrop soup. .i couldn’t have left more full.


now a true californian

.picked up my new sunglasses today. .ray-bans. .they don’t sit quite as close to my face as i thought they did because of the gigantic lenses. .i’ve got 30 days to decide if i want to return them for a full refund. .i might also get them to grind down the inside edges of the lenses a bit so that the nose pads can move outward a bit more. .do let me know what you think, since i may return them. .apropos: it’s really a good deal lens crafters has. .for perscription glasses, i have 30 days to see if i like them. .if i don’t, i can return or exchange them. .these are custom lenses, it’s not like they can use them for anything else. .if i decide i just plain don’t like the glasses, they just have to eat the lenses. ?and could they resell the frames to anyone? .probably only at a discount. .i suppose the tradeoff is that their merchandise is more expensive than other optics shops (i couldn’t say – i didn’t shop around). .but it may just be worth it, even though they are a giant chain.

.over some delicious guacamoles ariele made bert, jeff and i, we discussed penis envy. .due to the discussion, i came up with the following as yet ill formed notion: historically, men (as individuals) have competed to be the best, whereas women (as individuals) have competed to get the best (man). .think on it. .we later at amogios ended up with heidi, her mom _holly_, greg, and michelle. .though heidi’s mom ditched us, we still managed to have a good time subsequently at the undergrad house party. .that was the first time i’d heard suvir dj, and it turn out he’s awesome. .plus, ace apparently even got jeff to hit on c-mama.


dodge that

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.”the term `trolley dodgers’ was attached to the brooklyn ballclub due to the complex maze of trolley cars that weaved its way through the borough of brooklyn. .the name was then shortened to just `dodgers'” [ref].

.the truth is out there.


ay, ay , ay-ay

.cinco de mustache. .grand ol time at amigo’s with aaron, rob, bonnie, adam greg and heidi. .speaking of heidi, she too has a new baby. .freakin’ baby fever over here.

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