down with the entertainment man

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.there are two things which the entertainment industry wants me to do, but i’m nobody’s bitch. .one: to posit and rage about the last episode of angel (ever). .i know the ending was created so that the internet angel rings could rant and yell about the issue(s) for years to come, thus keeping the show alive and ready for spinoffs, made for TV movies, etc. based in the angel universe/with the angel mythology. .you’ll make no mark out of me. .é finito. .two: go to the jerry seinfeld’s “i’m a prostitute” website. .if anyone ever checks my browser history, i guarantee he or she will never find that site listed. .you’ve made a mockery out of yourself jerry, or at least allowed amex to do so with their guileful advertising. .i hope you realize you were filler material between friends episodes and nothing else. .nothing nothing, jerry. .and i even rented comedian.

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