thai for bonnie

.i never mentioned friday. .it was bonnie‘s birthday, so a bunch of us went out to saladang song for thai. .really good. .i showed up late, but everyone else had collectively ordered an impressive family style spread. .i’m still not completely over the fantastic seafood curry. .afterwards, we went back to the birthday girl’s and attacked a really tasty rum cake. .i was a bit worried that the cake claimed to have an infinite shelf life, but i figured the various curries i’d just eaten would help neutralize any of the space age chemicals i took in.

?is anyone else afflicted with the following disorder? .after singing “the lion and the unicorn” for at least 3.2 months of my life (a figure determined by integrating “the lion and the unicorn”(t) over my childhood years), i can no longer see or speak the words “rum cake” without at least mentally moving up a third with a slight crescendo. .odd since it’s “plum cake” in the old rhyme. .anyway, the cake was good (even if its ingredients suspect). .thereafter, i joined bert ace and jeff at the yardhouse to further celebrate bert’s birthday. .later joined by greg, heidi and paul.za. .ah. .and while we’re on the subject of birthdays, happy birthday aaron (a week ago sunday).

.as for sunday, we went out to mogol bbq near colorado and rosemead. .all you can eat bbq along with salads, egg rolls, dumblings {you heard me}, crunchies, some neat sesame pocket bread, and (tofu) eggdrop soup. .i couldn’t have left more full.

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