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.i find myself again, as usual, with nothing to say when i’m actually in front of a computer. .i seem to be in the habit of coming up with interesting ideas and promptly forgetting them in order to eliminate the need to share them. .comes from having an undisciplined mind. .apropos, i can no longer spell. .not that i ever could very well, but now i can’t at all. .i just had to look up on dictionary.com how to spell “eliminate” (one l or two?). .i think it’s because i write so infrequently now, and because the above resource is too handy when i do write to think about it much (because, naturally, when one thinks about it, one sees it should only be 1 l [sic]). .basically the same reason kids can’t do math these days: calculators. .of course, i’d rather be able to do math than spell. .if you can’t spell, you can still communicate in writing just fine; you just might look a bit foolish. .you can’t do math, you can’t do math.

.less interestingly to me, but perhaps more so to anyone else, i have seen a ridiculous number of movies in the theater this week: van helsing, troy (at grauman’s chinese), mean girls, and alfie (a screening complete with hollywood afficionados). .surprisingly, i enjoyed all of them. .in particular, it was interesting to see how the screenors screened the screening. .several days ago, greg called in with our names to get us on “the list”. .being people of such notoriety, this evening we went over and stood in a line with our screening fliers which, upon stating our ages (in order that the screenors learn about our respective demographics), were exchanged for “priority” tickets to the screening. .some people did not make the cut; presumably they were in an already well represented demographic. .fear not, they were given passes to see any other movie at the paseo for free. .we then sat in the theater for fourty-five minutes while the screenors went around with clipboards and asked random people questions like “?did you see the original?” (referring to the 1966 film upon which the current is based), “?did you see x-men?” (i swear i heard one ask that), etc..

.naturally, i decided to go to the bathroom right when the screening was scheduled to screen. .naturally, and fortunately, the screening was late, so i missed nothing. .the movie was “very good (2)” overall with “interesting settings (6)”, a “good story (8)”, and was at times “touching/emotional (4)”. .there were, of course, questionnaires after the screening. .most importantly, we were invited to another screening (of “stay“, a supernatural thriller starring ewan mcgregor). .it looks iffy. .hopefully i won’t make the cut and i can go see something else for free.

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