some sun for the great white geek

.a few new pics from a lovely day at the beach on saturday with jeff, ariele, ace, bert, bonnie, and brian. .lovely, that is, except that jeff blew out his knee again throwing the frisbee around. .i’ve noticed that la beaches, though not living up to their “everyone is super hot standards” (recall: i was there), do attract quite a few hunnies. .of course, there’s the volleyball players to contend with. .the set of pics also includes some amigos shots from the night previous. .i’m thinking about archiving the pictures somehow and just keeping a representative sample of people/venues. .who knows. .i’ll probably wait until the page starts overflowing a bit.

.in other news, i’ve written the engine.beta for paul.za’s idea about the others page. .there’s only four (nascent) entries up right now, so don’t feel bad if you’re not one of them. .do let me know if the popup setup is heinous. .i hate frames, so i didn’t use them, and doing it in-window with css looks nigh impossible.

.ah yes. .i’d go off on a “the ends never justify the means speech since the means are the ends: they’re the only thing that matters” rant about the whole iraqi prisoner abuse situation, but i’m tired and i haven’t eaten dinner. .consider yourself lucky for not having to hear a preachy and ill-informed wind.

.and point of a day from last week or so goes to allen for his research on today’s ring tone economy.

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