who knew there was a word “downbeat”?

.went out to recline last night for yet another birthday soirée. .this time, though, i was crashing; greg invited me along as his date to meet and congratulate on another year survived martin. !parse that! .interesting trivia about recline: albert einstein once had offices in the same building. .a nice “downbeat” atmosphere with pleasant people, but definately not the sit-down-and-drink-a-pint-place i enjoy more frequently.

.today i had four things which needed to be accomplished: pick up my registration card from the girls’ where i had left it last night, pick up a packet from dian, get dougherty to sign my regsitration card, deliver the packet to preskill, and turn in my registration card (order important). .hey – if two plus two can make five for radiohead, the symmetric can for me. .with the help of heidi, all were accomplished by 9:15am. .i should get up early more often. .too bad i couldn’t sleep until 3:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep from 6:30 on.

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