now a true californian

.picked up my new sunglasses today. .ray-bans. .they don’t sit quite as close to my face as i thought they did because of the gigantic lenses. .i’ve got 30 days to decide if i want to return them for a full refund. .i might also get them to grind down the inside edges of the lenses a bit so that the nose pads can move outward a bit more. .do let me know what you think, since i may return them. .apropos: it’s really a good deal lens crafters has. .for perscription glasses, i have 30 days to see if i like them. .if i don’t, i can return or exchange them. .these are custom lenses, it’s not like they can use them for anything else. .if i decide i just plain don’t like the glasses, they just have to eat the lenses. ?and could they resell the frames to anyone? .probably only at a discount. .i suppose the tradeoff is that their merchandise is more expensive than other optics shops (i couldn’t say – i didn’t shop around). .but it may just be worth it, even though they are a giant chain.

.over some delicious guacamoles ariele made bert, jeff and i, we discussed penis envy. .due to the discussion, i came up with the following as yet ill formed notion: historically, men (as individuals) have competed to be the best, whereas women (as individuals) have competed to get the best (man). .think on it. .we later at amogios ended up with heidi, her mom _holly_, greg, and michelle. .though heidi’s mom ditched us, we still managed to have a good time subsequently at the undergrad house party. .that was the first time i’d heard suvir dj, and it turn out he’s awesome. .plus, ace apparently even got jeff to hit on c-mama.

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