man is my powerbook ever sexy

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.right. .well. .i’d like to say i’m back in the habit of updating my website regularly, but i’m not. .the only reson i’m doing this is because i’m sitting here watching my new powerbook reformat and reinstall itself. .i just bought it today from the bookstore along with a 20gb ipod at a ridiculous price (as in good), plugged it in to the wall and the net, let it update all its software bits, and watched it freeze while installing the last component. .so i called the apple dude, and he walked me through some diagnostics etc. and then told me to reformat, install, restore, and run more extended diagnostics overnight while i’m asleep. .to all of those out there who are laughing and saying i deserved this for upsetting fate by switching, nuts to you. .i don’t blame apple. .this is a far cry from some of the stuff i’ve had to do with new pcs. .i’m still pleased with my sexy new powerbook.

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