Sini Fulvi Fontal — 21:19

A delicious cheese available from Whole Foods. A bit gouda-esque.

Black Cow Cafe

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Seeking adventure, Michelle and I drove up to Montrose, California to check out the scene and have some lunch. Having heard of (googled) its reputation, we decided to eat at the Black Cow Cafe (terrible website).

It was awesome: Pleasant ambiance and really good food. Apparently it’s the place to eat brunch, so the staff was a little swamped, but we were seated and served fairly quickly.

I highly recommend the Banana Bread French Toast; totally amazing. Michelle really enjoyed her omelette and even finished her whole breakfast!

Black Cow Cafe Banana Bread French Toast Omelette


What I did today — 20:29

Maybe people wonder what sorts of things I do on a daily basis over at Automattic. But maybe not. At any rate, today I unleashed LaTeX on WordPress.com


Beer Explosion

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Exploding Beer

I would have guessed the bottle would have shattered, but the cap seems to act as a safety valve.

Beer slushy anyone?


photomatt wiins tennis

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Live from Mexico

Barry organized a Wii tennis tournament for us here at Lapazomattic which Matt won in an exciting but ill-gotten victory :) Three quarters of the way into the bracket, Matt decided the wiinner would earn the honor of having everyone else ping him.

So here I am. photomatt wiins tennis.

That’s ok, though; his regex isn’t so good.


Dixie in December part 1

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Having the excuse of a Wedding to attend in Mobile, Michelle and I decided to make a trip out of it and see some things this Idaho Yank had never seen (“Idaho Yank” seems to me to be something of an anachronism since Idaho was admitted to the Union many years after the end of the War of Northern Aggression. Besides, the Mason-Dixon line doesn’t extend nearly that far West geographically or, arguably, culturally. But whatever.).

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New WordPress and bbPress — 17:08

WordPress 2.0.5 Ronan and bbPress 0.73 Not as cute as Ronan have just been released.


bbPress 0.72 “Bix” — 12:00

bbPress’ twenty-two month gestation period is finally over, and a new bbaby is born!

Turn on your headlights, Saturn

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Old timers of this site will recall that I own a 1998 Saturn SL1. As most people know, Saturns have daytime running lights in between the main headlights (earning the cars the nickname of “cyclops” to some).

At dusk, I have often left my headlights off judging the remains of the daylight still bright enough for the running lights to do their job. I will no longer do so.

I have found from first hand experience that a Saturn with only its running lights on looks farther away than it really is under certain lighting conditions. This is because the lights are spaced more closely together than are typical headlights.

So, Saturn drivers, turn your headlights on when it gets even a little dark out. You may be right in thinking that other drivers can see your running lights, but that may be all they can see.


WordPress plugin: No Self Pings

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Some people really like that WordPress sends pings from your own site to your own site when you write posts; it lets them easily leave a trail of related posts.

Some people do not like this behavior; it clutters up their comments.

So here’s a plugin to disable self pinging. I couldn’t find any prior art, but if you know of any other plugins that do this, please let me know.

Download the plugin, put it in your WordPress plugins directory, activate it via your WordPress admin panel, and you’re set. No configuration necessary.

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