Holiday Acting Demographics — 21:50

I want to see a chart of casting calls for little people as a function of day of the year.


Green Plant

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I thought this was a joke at first. I have not tried it.

Green Plant Drink

Green Plant Drink

Hm… food beverage….


No Pulp, Some Pulp, Lots of Pulp — 10:32

Do they just take out all the pulp from orange juice destined to go into the “no pulp” boxes and put it in the “lots of pulp” boxes?


They’re real people?

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You know in Junior High when you saw one of your teachers in the grocery store and you were all surprised? “Woah! Teachers are real people?”

I have just discovered the adult equivalent. I saw one of the Amigo’s bartenders drinking shots at La Fiesta Grande.


What is it about Polish?

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After ascribing more than 50 separate identities to the culprit believed to be Ireland’s most reckless driver, who had accumulated speeding tickets all over the country but gave a different address each time he was stopped, Garda finally realizes “Prawo Jazdy” is Polish for “Driving License” and not the name of some dangerous road hog.

via @tellyworth.

Especially funny to me considering my visit to a lovely, countryside Polish castle in the spring of 2001. I saved my ticket, so that, upon my return to the States, I was able to label each of my photographs with the castle’s name as printed on the ticket: “Castle Jednorazowego Wstępa”.

Only later did I realize that I had painstakingly marked each picture as “Castle Single Admission”.

Castle Jednorazowego Wstępa

Castle "Jednorazowego Wstępa" a.k.a. Niedzica Castle


Using Gmail as the default mail application in Mac OS X

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A simple two step process (for Firefox users).

  1. Set Firefox to use Gmail as the default application for mailto: links.
  2. Tell Apple’s Mail application to use Firefox as your default mail reader: Open mail. Go to the “Mail” menu and select “Preferences”. Click the “General” icon/tab. Click the dropdown next to “Default email reader” and choose “Select…” from the list. Browse the Applications folder and pick “Firefox”.

Now, Firefox will send mailto: links to Gmail when you click them from within Firefox, and OS X will send mailto: links to Firefox when you click them from outside Firefox. I imagine something similar can be done with other browsers.

The other methods I found online both required an extra application running on your computer, which I didn’t want. Google’s official solution to the problem for Mac and Windows is Google Notifier, which does have some extra features. I also found many references to Gmailto, but it apparently doesn’t exist anymore.


I’m a famous dancer

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42.39561, -71.13051 — 07:38

Brilliance on many levels.


Evolution Smackdown 2007 — 11:05

Hannah has some great links about the fallacy of evolution on her site. I couldn’t resist pointing people to them. Peanut Butter and Bananas, each the atheist’s nightmare.


Lost your prefrontal lobe? Out of the boat!

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From a Caltech press release: Study implies certain types of brain damage can improve utilitarian moral judgments

The study constrained itself to “utilitarian moral judgments” which were themselves limited to having only two allowed answers, so maybe people with damaged prefrontal cortexes (cortexen?) are just faster at choosing between two options. You should read the paper and let me know. I’m not going to bother :) Here’s an excerpt from the press release, though.

Quick response! What’s the best thing to do on a lifeboat with one too many people on board? Should one throw a mortally injured person overboard to ensure definite survival for everyone else, or refuse to act and ensure certain death for all individuals in the boat?

If you said “throw the injured person overboard”, science has concluded that you have brain damage.

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