What I did today

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Maybe people wonder what sorts of things I do on a daily basis over at Automattic. But maybe not.

At any rate, today I unleashed LaTeX on WordPress.com


    Matt 02.16.2007 @ 21:27

    Dorkus. ;)

    Brad 03.18.2007 @ 15:09

    Very funny, Matt.

    Ian Luke Kane 03.30.2007 @ 08:19

    So I’ve been “using” LaTeX Render on my site for awhile now, and I’m not totally happy with it. Your implementation on WordPress.com seems to be quite a bit nicer. Any chance I could take a look at that code or will it be released as a plugin at some point? Thanks for your work!

    Ian Luke Kane 03.30.2007 @ 08:30

    Sorry, just to be a bit more clear I’ve been thinking about extending the LaTeX Render plugin, but I don’t want to spend hours doing it if you plan on releasing a more streamlined version of enabling LaTeX in the near future. Thanks again.

    MDA 03.30.2007 @ 11:06

    The WordPress.com implementation is pretty specific to our setup, so I doubt we’ll be releasing it.

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