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Seeking adventure, Michelle and I drove up to Montrose, California to check out the scene and have some lunch. Having heard of (googled) its reputation, we decided to eat at the Black Cow Cafe (terrible website).

It was awesome: Pleasant ambiance and really good food. Apparently it’s the place to eat brunch, so the staff was a little swamped, but we were seated and served fairly quickly.

I highly recommend the Banana Bread French Toast; totally amazing. Michelle really enjoyed her omelette and even finished her whole breakfast!

Black Cow Cafe Banana Bread French Toast Omelette


    Jill 02.17.2007 @ 17:10


    JQ 02.22.2007 @ 04:36

    Cool. I’ll add it to my list

    Gavin Doughtie 03.25.2007 @ 22:26

    Shortly after college, I lived on the second floor above what is now the Black Cow. I had three roommates: An aspiring Playboy photographer and his lovely assistant and frequent model (now wife of 20 years), and a saxophonist with a garage band of about six hundred guys, all of whom played brass. We had three CP/M computers, a lot of space, painfully cheap rent, and some jammin’ parties. We’d walk across the street to see second run movies in the local single-screen theater, which burned to the ground after I moved out. And, of course, we’d go to the Barru, open from 7:00am to 2:00am, and dive into occasional blotto-dom with some guys and gals knocking back vodka and cranberry like there’s no tomorrow.

    Unlike some areas that have encased themselves in national-credit armor, Montrose manages to keep a bit of a local feel going along with the ghosts of my youth.

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