Turn on your headlights, Saturn

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Old timers of this site will recall that I own a 1998 Saturn SL1. As most people know, Saturns have daytime running lights in between the main headlights (earning the cars the nickname of “cyclops” to some).

At dusk, I have often left my headlights off judging the remains of the daylight still bright enough for the running lights to do their job. I will no longer do so.

I have found from first hand experience that a Saturn with only its running lights on looks farther away than it really is under certain lighting conditions. This is because the lights are spaced more closely together than are typical headlights.

So, Saturn drivers, turn your headlights on when it gets even a little dark out. You may be right in thinking that other drivers can see your running lights, but that may be all they can see.

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