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You have the young cloudy stem

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I broke down today and translated into Chinese (simplified) from English and back a childish phrase using google’s text translator. The result of this nonsense is the above title of this post.

Ten points to whosoever first guesses the original phrase.


.mobi — 13:03

Just as a quick note, this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. ICANN‘s decision, that is. Not the article.


I imagine this is going around a lot, but — 21:48



This guy is done — 00:37

A link from Haskell about (another) laptop thief at Berkeley. Just read the transcript if you don’t want to deal with the video.


Heidi needs her own site — 13:16

But it’s disturbing enough for a quick link, anyway: Chicken Combine anyone?


Jon Stewart 1, Tucker Carlson 0

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A truly generic “look at me, I have a ‘blog'” post:

Jon Stewart wins, CNN cancels Crossfire. For the piranhas out there: more from Google News.

The day of that “interview” will go down in American Media History, I think. As will some hopefully comical pictures of a certain bowtie wearing personality.

In fairness, and as Ars points out, Jon Stewart’s interview is doubtfully the cause of the cancellation, but it’s certainly correlated.


One of those dumb internet quizzes

We’ve all taken them. From them, I’ve learned I’m a gin and tonic, a freakin’ accountant, a demon in the sack, and that I don’t know the difference between Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and Osama bin Laden. But when I saw What Religion are You (Mystery of the zen hex – The truth that is pulled over your eyes to blind you from the world), on some livejournal account I got to from the coven (xaosseed -> spankarella), I was intrigued.

Turns out I’m of “unknown category” but that I lie somewhere between modern satanist and average christian.

Oh man, I nearly cried. Couldn’t ask for more entertaining results.


Three Words

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