This guy is done

A link from Haskell about (another) laptop thief at Berkeley. Just read the transcript if you don’t want to deal with the video.


    L 04.21.2005 @ 12:45

    Wow… Watching that is so fear-inspiring, it almost makes me want to turn over _my own laptop_ to the authorities to make sure I’m absolutely in the clear…

    MDA 04.21.2005 @ 13:02

    Actually, the FBI came over a while ago. I gave them your name. So yeah, you might want to think about fessing up.

    Adam 04.21.2005 @ 17:16

    Wow! I mean… WOW!

    MDA 04.21.2005 @ 19:19

    Yeah, I’m curious to know how much is complete BS on the professor’s part and how much is for real. I imagine it’s a little of both. I also want to know how much trouble the prof is in with the various companies/governmental bodies.

    Adam 04.21.2005 @ 19:58

    That’s a good point about the prof being in trouble, jeopardizing the companies’ information.

    But regardless of how much of that is true, I’d crap my pants if I were the guilty one sitting in that class during that speech.

    L 04.22.2005 @ 12:26

    Um, gee thanks Mike. What a pal… You know, I think I’m going to hand over all the deCSS I (don’t) got, while I’m at it. I mean, he didn’t _explicitly_ mention RIAA as an interested party, but seeing as they seem to specialize in fear-of-god-and-lawsuit inducing intimidation, it’s probably a safe bet they’re involved too.

    And once he gets that thing back, maybe they’ll do a sweep for bootleg mp3s… (wouldn’t that be irony, for them to convict the kid, then have the professor get slapped with a lawsuit for having illegal mp3s… it might be a toss-up as to which sentence is harsher…)

    L 05.02.2005 @ 17:56

    Aw, darn: Redfaced professor made up scary story… University spokesman says the Professor “exaggerated” his claims– and more poignantly, the laptop has not been recovered.

    MDA 05.03.2005 @ 09:58

    I guess if he were as good at taking care of his stuff as he was at telling stories, he’d not be in this position.

    Encryption, locks, and (most importantly) eyeballs.

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