One of those dumb internet quizzes

We’ve all taken them. From them, I’ve learned I’m a gin and tonic, a freakin’ accountant, a demon in the sack, and that I don’t know the difference between Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and Osama bin Laden. But when I saw What Religion are You (Mystery of the zen hex – The truth that is pulled over your eyes to blind you from the world), on some livejournal account I got to from the coven (xaosseed -> spankarella), I was intrigued.

Turns out I’m of “unknown category” but that I lie somewhere between modern satanist and average christian.

Oh man, I nearly cried. Couldn’t ask for more entertaining results.

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    Paul.za 11.17.2004 @ 03:16

    “Somewhere between modern satanist and average christian” strains credibility substantially, but “demon in the sack”??? Come on, I know Mike — for that matter, I LIVE with Mike, and all I’m saying is … wait, maybe I shouldn’t say anything. Um. Right. Bye!

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