Jon Stewart 1, Tucker Carlson 0

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A truly generic “look at me, I have a ‘blog'” post:

Jon Stewart wins, CNN cancels Crossfire. For the piranhas out there: more from Google News.

The day of that “interview” will go down in American Media History, I think. As will some hopefully comical pictures of a certain bowtie wearing personality.

In fairness, and as Ars points out, Jon Stewart’s interview is doubtfully the cause of the cancellation, but it’s certainly correlated.


    Jon Stewart 01.06.2005 @ 20:31

    I gave him what-for didn’t I! Play your cards right and maybe I won’t try to get your blog cancelled. But you have to stay away from, you know, partisan hackery.

    Andy 01.07.2005 @ 17:23

    I still often wonder what causes rational people to hold on to bow-ties as some sort of statement. Yeek.

    (thanks for the help over in WP support forum!)

    jon stewart 07.18.2009 @ 19:51

    Jon stewart proposed to his future wife through a personalized crossword puzzle created with the help of Will Shortz

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