You have the young cloudy stem

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I broke down today and translated into Chinese (simplified) from English and back a childish phrase using google’s text translator. The result of this nonsense is the above title of this post.

Ten points to whosoever first guesses the original phrase.


    UALboy 08.21.2005 @ 01:37

    You have a small penis!

    They really did it word by word. It took me a good 2 minutes to figure it out. Extremely hilarious!

    MDA 08.21.2005 @ 11:46

    haHA! I knew I could count on you!

    10 points.

    DrLP 08.22.2005 @ 07:58

    This is much like the (possibly apocryphal) story making the rounds some thirty-forty years ago in the Pre-Cambrian period of machine translation where someone is reputed to have tested an English-Russian machine translation scheme by typing in “the spirit is willing but the flesh is week” and, after being translated into Russian and back into English, came out, “the vodka is good but the meat has gone bad.”

    So where does the “cloudy” come from in the retranslation above?

    MDA 08.22.2005 @ 18:30

    As Bert explained over (I kid you not) Chinese food last night, “cloudy” comes from a literal translation of some sort of yin modifier on the word “stem”. Apparently yin and yang are common modifiers when describing anatomical parts (or at least gender specific ones; I don’t know all the details).

    If we’re looking for a word-for-word translation from Chinese to English, Bert suggested “pubic stem” as a possibility.

    Mosh jerrick 02.09.2006 @ 10:14

    penis is the word my friend, penis

    MDA 02.14.2006 @ 12:35

    Word-for-word is the goal, my friend, word-for-word.

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