A new method of narcissism — 14:01

After an email from Jeff regarding new comments on old posts, and in thinking of a side discussion on the old end of the world post, I’ve put up a link to blogwaffe’s most discussed posts there on the sidebar under the recent comments. Go and amuse yourself.


WordPress 1.5.1 — 14:34

The new release of WordPress is out. Time to upgrade.


Pimpin’ it. — 19:58

Everything is good in the world when your blogging software now has a function called pimp_firefox().


Seven in One Stroke

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OK, so it’s really only two, not seven. And, to be fair, it was two separate strokes, but they came in such quick succession that they can be considered ‘nearly’ the same.

The news? Two new blogs driven by the best software for the job, WordPress (Sorry Dixie, xaosseed, Ted. It’s just plain true).

Paul.za and I helped these two set up their impressive sites (impressive by their own accord, not through our help) in as many days. We may have to start some sort of venture. If we do, I say we call it “Phase three: profit!”.


Site goal #1 met — 15:09

I’ve now broken even: 217 posts and 217 comments. A big step from .in need of a life..


SLR #7 Webring

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apparent horizonsNEW!

A fully armed and operational zulu word for general relativistic double entendre.

#1 Fan:
Marc Broussard


Billy Strayhorn — 20:25

None of the people that actually read this site will care, but WordPress 1.5 “Strayhorn” is out. Booyah.


This time I’m right — 02:18

Ok. Now I really am in the core. Check it out.


Tweaked the site — 03:12

Poked at some stuff on the site to get it more up to date with the latest version of WordPress. Let me know if something goes wrong.


Paul.za is trying to make me feel guilty — 23:59

Check it out: http://langabi.name.

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