Seven in One Stroke

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OK, so it’s really only two, not seven. And, to be fair, it was two separate strokes, but they came in such quick succession that they can be considered ‘nearly’ the same.

The news? Two new blogs driven by the best software for the job, WordPress (Sorry Dixie, xaosseed, Ted. It’s just plain true).

Paul.za and I helped these two set up their impressive sites (impressive by their own accord, not through our help) in as many days. We may have to start some sort of venture. If we do, I say we call it “Phase three: profit!”.


    xaosseed 03.30.2005 @ 12:56


    Wasn’t that the plan for the Dot-Com-Era as well?

    Paul.za 03.30.2005 @ 22:29

    Ah, but we’ll be using it in the full knowledge of the irony involved!

    But yes, welcome to the two new blogs! And as always MDA,a pleasure working with you — those installs are going like clockwork now.

    Uber 04.05.2005 @ 06:08

    How come I don’t have a clicky thing?


    MDA 04.08.2005 @ 19:07

    Because I’m lazy. Check back… sometime :).

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