Pimpin’ it.

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Everything is good in the world when your blogging software now has a function called pimp_firefox().


    MDA 04.18.2005 @ 20:00

    It also cleans up a wee bit of controversy.

    Adam 04.19.2005 @ 00:43

    Whenever an IE/Firefox (or Windows/Linux) flame war gets going, there are a bunch of Firefox (or Linux) people who say that it isn’t about destroying Microsoft, but about providing people with options and making people aware that there *are* software options out there.

    So MDA, I ask you, where are the pimp_opera(), pimp_internet_explorer(), and pimp_safari() functions?

    MDA 04.19.2005 @ 01:02

    My point was not so much Firefox, as it was the choice of function name.

    But to answer your question, you’ve missed the point; none of the browsers you list are open source. It isn’t about flaming. It isn’t about destroying anything. It’s about using and promoting a good piece of software whose values (if you will) are compatible and consistent with the values of the software you’re developing.

    I’m sure someone will write a WordPress plugin that will remove the Firefox plug and add an Opera plug. But it will be silly; the plug is only ever seen behind closed doors in the admininstration interface.

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