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A fully armed and operational zulu word for general relativistic double entendre.

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Marc Broussard


    adam 03.11.2005 @ 18:20

    So, I started this over at Greg’s site, but I am moving it over here, since you’re the one that will (probably/hopefully) be answering…

    So, your reply about how the components of the website works was good, but was basically a summary of what I already knew. I guess that when I said, “How does it work?” I really meant “How do I set this stuff up?” or “Where should I go to learn about setting up a web server, PHP, and XSQL?”

    MDA 03.11.2005 @ 22:34

    Depends on how much control you want over the setup. I used an old laptop of mine, installed Gentoo from scratch, configured PHP, MySQL and qmail (a mailserver) and was on my way. The server was the tricky part; WordPress is practically drag and drop.

    All I can really speak to is the Gentoo environment. Setting these things up was fairly painless.

    emerge mysql

    A couple config files and a google search or two later, and I had the database portion working. I assume things are equally simple in other distros (especially ones using apt-get or something similar), but can’t say for sure. I suppose the webserver (Apache) was the trickiest since it required the most configuration. I take that back. qmail was the worst; it has very poor documentation.

    As to where to go: PHP and MySQL were straightforward enough that the official sites were adequate. Apache‘s site was also very helpful. The installation of the three of them together is summarize here, but goes into no depth for any of them. For qmail, Life with qmail and Qmail on Gentoo were useful with google as a catch all. I’m sure there were other things I looked at, but this was months ago.

    But, if you don’t want to go that far, there are free hosts out there (I don’t know of any myself, but I know they exist) that already have PHP and MySQL ready; all you would need to do is sign up.

    You should also check out the WordPress official documentation (a wiki) and the support forums (where questions about web hosting, PHP, MySQL and, of course, anything WordPress can often be answered).

    Paul.za 03.12.2005 @ 02:30

    I’ve replied some more on Greg’s site, as it’s what I know more about. Essentially, it’s running on RedHat, with sendmail as the mail server. All of which I know relatively well, so you have a range of options here!

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