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The new release of WordPress is out. Time to upgrade.


    Adam 05.09.2005 @ 15:07

    And will the upgrade perhaps spawn some new posts?

    MDA 05.09.2005 @ 17:46

    I’ve been using “bleeding-edge” development versions of WordPress for many months, updating nearly daily. You see how much good keeping up to date with the software has done for me producing actual content.

    Adam 05.09.2005 @ 17:49

    Wait… you update your blogging program nearly daily? And the frequency of posts is what? Why not update the software whenever you write a new post?

    MDA 05.09.2005 @ 18:02

    I write a new post whenever I think of something I want to tell people. I update the software regularly in order to keep up with the development, see if I can catch (and sometimes squish) any bugs, and (very occassionally now) update the documentation.

    L 05.13.2005 @ 21:05

    Check out Blogopoly. Actually it’s called Blogpoly, but I think my way more clarifically signals it as a Monopoly spin-off.

    WordPress and Movable type are each worth 3000G; Firefox costs 3200G.

    Ah the bling.

    MDA 05.19.2005 @ 17:30

    Blogpoly. Kinda clever :)

    As an update, WordPress is now out. This time update for real. A couple bugs got into 1.5.1, but they’ve been soundly squished in this version. (Introducing a few other bugs in the process, I’m sure. Such is software development.)

    MDA 05.27.2005 @ 12:46

    A WordPress Security update:

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