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I submitted a bug to the wordpress development team and I now see that the fix I submitted along with it has been included in the official source. It’s uncredited (I accidently submitted anonymously, and I have no idea if they’d have credited me even if I had remembered to put my name down), but that doesn’t matter to me in the slightest. It was such a minor little tweak, that I can remain happy in my anonymity. Not that I’d be chagrined if I submitted something more important and was left uncredited.

To take the highground (and the soapbox), being able to use such high-quality open source software is enough for me.

A shout-out through the ether to the people at wordpress.

UPDATE I spoke too soon – it turns out it wasn’t my code, it was the exact same code generated, I presume independently, by someone else. No matter, at least I know it was a good idea.

Twenty-Four Hours

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Our cable broadband service died yesterday around 2pm. So to the both of you that read this outside of my apartment and couldn’t find it yesterday, I apologize. That’s what you get for looking at a site hosted from some dude’s apartment.

But, man, I almost didn’t make it. How did I survive the entire year last year without internet access in my apartment? It boggles the mind and defies reason.

But we’re back now (though Paul.za and Greg don’t know yet). Until charter decides to freak out again.

We totally need a satellite feed. Or some backbone.


I’ve upgraded

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I know no one else cares, but my server is now running WordPress 1.3-alpha-5. A developer would surely disagree, but the code seems fairly stable (as in “not about to self immolate”, not as in “no longer changing”), so I think things should all theoretically work. On my end, though, I’m not 100% sure I’ve got all my bits in place, so let me know if something explodes.

I’d hoped he’d reply

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Perhaps I was a bit offensive. Certainly not my intention. I thought it moste amusing. Our Mr. Harris was meant to take it good naturedly, but if he’s suffered for it, I apologize. As well to the people at blogcoven for possibly driving away a perfectly good (as in entertaining) reader. I suppose I should have at least waited until someone else had posted. But I couldn’t resist. “Huge, catchy hooks”. It’s now my new catch phrase. If he comes back, I’ll give him a hearty *slap* on the back.

I saw the Messiah Tonight

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Handel’s, but still good.

The concert (only half of which was half of Handel’s piece) was a joint effort between four Caltech groups: the Chamber Singers (or thereabouts, I’ve left the program in my car), the Men’s Glee Club, the Women’s Glee Club and the Chamber Orchestra (in order of appearance). I should preface any further thoughts by noting that I had… not terribly high expectations. Caltech is a small place and so doesn’t have a large talent pool from which to fish. Also, we’re a skosh on the technical end of things; people talk about correlations between scientifically|mathematically minded people and musically minded people, but just because a person has the interest or the knowledge, doesn’t mean that person has the skill or the artistry. Violinists are the stereotypical exception. If you find a scientist or a mathematician who plays violin, chances are he|she is pretty good.

But on to the show. There were no seats left when we arrived. Paul.za and I found Katie and Ted and decided to sit on the hall steps where we could still hear (and to a great extent see) the ongoings. I ditched them, however, when I learned Michelle was sitting by herself (in a seat!) and that her neighbor had left. But, seriously. On to the show.

Read more…


Call your local CBS and NBC affiliates

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and tell them they’re a bunch of douche-bags.

Both networks refused [Reuters] to air advertisements by the United Church of Christ [Flash warning] welcoming homosexuals to their church and congregations. The ads show bouncers refusing entrance to two men holding hands at an unnamed church and proclaims, “Jesus didn’t turn people away. Neither do we.” Last spring, these ads drew no complaints when aired in primarily republican test markets, but now (post cracker-assed-america ’04), the two networks find the ads too controversial to put over the airwaves.

In a written statement to the church, CBS, a unit of Viacom, said the fact that the Bush administration had proposed a constitutional amendment to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman made the advertisement “unacceptable for broadcast.”

WHAT? Are they out of their festering minds? The commercials welcomes people to a place of worship. They don’t even mention marriage! And are you, CBS, really allowing your policy to be set by the current administration’s platform? Not law, not even policy, but PLATFORM. Well you can take that plank and shove it up your namby-pamby, homophobic rectum. Your actions are unacceptable and downright disgusting.

And what did NBC have to say for themselves?

NBC said the ad violated a long-standing policy of the network not to allow commercials that dealt with issues of public controversy.

Props for being a little less evil than CBS, NBC, but come on, you’ve never aired any controversial ads? Or perhaps your definition of “long-standing” is “since 11/2/04”, because I’d say just about any political ad deals with issues of “public controversy”. Nuts to you too, NBC.

ABC, at least is not such demon spawn. They’ve aired the ad, and even interviewed Robert Chase, the church’s communications director, about the situation on Good Morning America. Though, the the cynic in me says, “only because they get a chance to jab the other networks”. Well, I don’t care. Good on ya’, ABC, even if your track record is… interesting.

And people complain about the liberal media.


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While I was busily trying to calculate the mass of the neutrino, Dixie stole my post. Sitting in my apartment last night at like 3:30am, I decided to cruise over to her site before writing up how miserable and miserly of a person I am. It’s a good thing I did, otherwise I’d be labelled quite the poser.

That said: I’m a miserable and miserly person. What’s worse is that it doesn’t bother me enough to change my ways. But at least admitting I have a problem is the first step toward recovery.

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