I’d hoped he’d reply

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Perhaps I was a bit offensive. Certainly not my intention. I thought it moste amusing. Our Mr. Harris was meant to take it good naturedly, but if he’s suffered for it, I apologize. As well to the people at blogcoven for possibly driving away a perfectly good (as in entertaining) reader. I suppose I should have at least waited until someone else had posted. But I couldn’t resist. “Huge, catchy hooks”. It’s now my new catch phrase. If he comes back, I’ll give him a hearty *slap* on the back.


    Dixie 12.05.2004 @ 13:49

    Nah, I’d rather have one of you than five John Harrises reading. I can’t say I respect the musical opinion of someone who thinks a mark of musical quality is writing songs with “huge, catchy hooks.” And you hit the nail on the head when you responded; I couldn’t have done that well. :)

    MDA 12.05.2004 @ 14:30

    Oh, but just think of the laughs you could get: “This blogger does not understand the social proprieties involved with talking with one’s supervisor. Should one’s employer fall asleep during a one on one meeting, the fault obviously lies with the interviewee. Clearly, this blogger (Dixie) has not the huge, catchy hooks necessary for keeping those of authority from becoming comatose”

    or: “That blogger seems to convey no information whatsoever in his(? even the name conveys nothing about the individual – is he a he?, is she a she?) posts. The multitude of esoteric acronyms greatly detracts from the reading experience of the ocassional passerby such as myself (John Harris). That blogger (xaosseed), really needs to understand the needs of the public, or the site simply won’y make it – huge, catchy hooks or no.”

    It’d be fantastic. A living legend.

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