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apparent horizonsNEW!

A fully armed and operational zulu word for general relativistic double entendre.

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Marc Broussard


Billy Strayhorn — 20:25

None of the people that actually read this site will care, but WordPress 1.5 “Strayhorn” is out. Booyah.


This time I’m right — 02:18

Ok. Now I really am in the core. Check it out.


Tweaked the site — 03:12

Poked at some stuff on the site to get it more up to date with the latest version of WordPress. Let me know if something goes wrong.


Paul.za is trying to make me feel guilty — 23:59

Check it out: http://langabi.name.


I’ve done a bad bad thing

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The one week mark has come and gone. I offer no apologies. Anyone who reads this site is used to it :)

(So Bert is better at blogging than I am. Get over it.)

The title of this post, such as it is, comes not from a lack of timely content, but instead from a project with which I probably should not have involved myself. I’ve… sort of… volunteered to write up a good chunk of the basic end user documentation for the new version of WordPress (currently in beta, and currently powering this site) on its new wiki. The long of it: I’ve been spending time I don’t really have on culling data from other documentation and writing up new stuff. The short of it: I can’t stop typing in wiki markup.

It’s actually pretty convenient, I’ll have to reevaluate my stance on things like Markdown and Textile. Previously, I’d thought they were for sissies. Perhaps my opinion hasn’t changed, but instead I’ve simply admitted to myself that I’m a sissy.

At any rate, the project is going reasonably well, but a bit slowly. I’ll be quite happy when it’s over (this weekend?).


Happy Boxing Day

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Hope everyone had a joyous day today.

Mine was excellent. I sat around reading America The Book which my fantastic brother graciously gave me for Christmas, watching HP3, and having a wonderful dinner with some family friends. I’ve been doing a lot of that, lately: socializing, that is.

Sunday: Church. Monday: “Movie Night” with some teenaged friends of the family. Tuesday: My parents’ annual St. Thomas’ Day party – sixty-six in attendance (thankfully nowhere near the record). Wednesday: More church. Thursday: Freedom, sweet freedom… to shop for the people I had not managed to get presents for already. Friday: Christmas Eve service. Saturday: Christmas dinner for thirteen. And that brings us to today.

The best part about coming home this year was seeing how well other people recognized me. Perhaps more on that when I’ve got more data.

I’m leaving tomorrow morning for Seattle, so the inconsistency with which this site is updated will temporarily become consistent. In the I-doubt-I’ll-post-anything-during-the-next-week sense.

And a preemptory Happy New Year! to everyone.


Comments Broken

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Or they may be. At least for now. It’s not my fault, really.

But since there isn’t anything to comment upon… no one will notice.



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Amaze your friends! Be the first on your Block! Now Posable!!

Blogwafffe is proud to introduce a hot, new and huge catchy hook: ‘Ask Dr. Language Person‘.

With a monicker shamelessly ripped from Dave Barry, a real live professional linguist will be receiving any linguistic or otherwise language oriented questions posted at sprachwaffe. So ask away. Keep them clean, though; it is my dad.


31337 wprd9Rez haX0r

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I submitted a bug to the wordpress development team and I now see that the fix I submitted along with it has been included in the official source. It’s uncredited (I accidently submitted anonymously, and I have no idea if they’d have credited me even if I had remembered to put my name down), but that doesn’t matter to me in the slightest. It was such a minor little tweak, that I can remain happy in my anonymity. Not that I’d be chagrined if I submitted something more important and was left uncredited.

To take the highground (and the soapbox), being able to use such high-quality open source software is enough for me.

A shout-out through the ether to the people at wordpress.

UPDATE I spoke too soon – it turns out it wasn’t my code, it was the exact same code generated, I presume independently, by someone else. No matter, at least I know it was a good idea.

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