back in time

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.i’ve decided. .if i could go back in time and change one thing (see items to muse upon), i would tell benjamin franklin to switch around his conjecture of current flow so that electrons would have a positive charge. .man that’d be nice.


gentlemen, we can rebuild him

?ever hear of a burger restaurant (and i mean a restaraunt – not a fast food chain) selling a hearty burger, a heap of fries and a bottomless beverage for 1.99? .neither had i till i found burger continental right here in pasadena (where decent food is never cheap). .offer only valid on mondays and tuesdays. .yesterday was definately a tuesday; i even remembered to order “no sauce” (think [mayonaisse+red]**sunlight). .not that it mattered much, because i never even made it inside the restaurant. .i’d like to say i was waylaid by a preposterously good looking female on the way downtown and was “forced” into performing various carnal acts in public, but unfortunately she swore me to secrecy. .actually, i went up to the girls’ place (see :did: 2003) and found it occupied only by anna (a girl, but in the wrong apartment) and jeff (not a girl). .thinking the situation a bit odd, i look over at jeff, only to see him in clear agony. .thinking his water might have broken, i turn to anna to see what was up, and she is explaining to some random person (whom she probably did not know) over the phone that jeff has dislocated his right kneecap playing im basketball against a team that went 0-7 last year and needs to get to the emergency room. .i turn back to jeff, and, inbetween primal gutterances (how’s that for portmanteau), he nods in confirmation. .katie (a girl, and of the correct apartment) proceeds to rush into the (her) domicile with jeff‘s wallet and cellphone in hand. .jeff calls his folks in katy.tx, and a host of new people arrive (including, but not limited to, ariele, bert, greg, and paul.za) intending to have a pleasant evening meal at burger continental. .many of them do. .katie, ariele and i haul jeff‘s ass down to huntington where he is happily received by a bunch of security guards with a weelchair. .we make a collective effort of filling out his paperwork inbetween seeing the r.n., x-ray tech, dr, drug lady, and medical fashion specialist. .ace shows up, and the girls go get something to eat (and drink as it turns out), leaving ace and me to make cracks about jeff’s lower gi. .jeff comes out of the place with a knee immobilizer and an appointment for a followup with an orthopedics guy in a couple days. .nothing broken, but no word yet on any tearing (rhymes with “airing” as in ‘i’ll be ~ you a new one for ganking the last reese’s peanut butter cup peanut butter cookie’). .hoping for the best.

late night meds

.ariele and i completely failed to fill jeff‘s prescription at 11pm. .there exists no 24hr pharmacy in la county. .to top it off, by the time we got back, all the the pizza places were closed. .consequence: dinner consisted of an english muffin and an egg and bagel sandwich. .to be fair, however, i can walk.


feed me

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.man. .it’s ten to five right now and i have got a serious hankering for some chocolate cip cookies. .and when i say “serious”, i am. .jonesin’ like there’s no tomorrow. .maybe some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. .ooooh, i know: peanut butter cookies with a reese’s peanut butter cup inside. .oh baby. .warm, melty milk chococolate and peanut butter entombed inside a delicious and nutty cookie shell. .its only escape from its flaky prison is one into an even worse fate: my gurgling innards. .at least it won’t be alone; i’ll down about a dozen of those babies in five minutes top.


the site

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.so i’ve finally got the site looking something like i want it to. .plus, it’s now very (so i think) easy to change its format around. .playing with css has been fun, but it’s taken a fair bit of time. .hopefully development will cease for awhile and i can actually think of some useful content (right).


over the line smokey

.after a very pleasant dinner (thanks to bert, katie, ariele and heather) at bahooka, jeff, ace, adam and i went bowling. ?what is this day of rest shit? !it don’t matter to jesus! .99, 64, 92, 96. .or something like that. .already i don’t remember. .definately didn’t break 100, and definately got in the low sixties once. .think i’ll go pro pretty soon. .high score of the night went to jeff with something in the mid 150s. .i bowled a few double gutter-balls (but two near-turkeys), though adam had the ignominy of rolling two gutters while an eight year old girl threw a strike. .eight year olds, dude. .all in all: $13 to spend a good two hours+ quoting big lebowski and teaching the rock-lock. .a thirteen dollars well spent. !rawk!


100% E. Coli free

.jizzie in the krizzie (get your mind our of the gutter, ariele).


seeing the light

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…mmm… …stylesheets


no camera yet

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.update on the digital camera (see 1/7/04). .it hasn’t come yet. .a few days ago, i checked the ups tracking number. .”billing information has been received”. .that means, “we haven’t picked up the actual box yet, but we know a box will, at some point, need to be picked up”. .i checked again yesterday, and the tracking number was broken. .so i emailed the company. .no response. .going to the company’s site now, i find that the camera now ships in “2-3 weeks”. .grr. .i’ll let all my dedicated readers (i.e. me) know when it finally gets here.

down to candle stubs

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.i’m already starting to burn out. .i’m not even in a lab yet; classes are just proving to be a pain in my ass. .my hope is that joining a lab will be a good muse for me, but who knows when (if) that will happen. .don’t even get me started on joining a group. .i don’t know what i want to do. .additionally, i don’t know who’s doing what i don’t know i want to do. .if you will recall, i thought i really waned to do quantum computation/information. .well, some of the stuff i’ve learned from class, group meetings, grad students etc. is super interesting. .sadly, a good chunk of that stuff is super not interesting. ?i may still decide to work that angle, but who can say? .and every time i think about professors, i always start thinking about why i went for a chem/math double instead of taking more physics classes (no clue – sounded good at the time). ?did i learn anything all that useful fom all those math classes? .only one or two of them. .bah. .a little deus ex machina would be appreciated right about now.

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