over the line smokey

.after a very pleasant dinner (thanks to bert, katie, ariele and heather) at bahooka, jeff, ace, adam and i went bowling. ?what is this day of rest shit? !it don’t matter to jesus! .99, 64, 92, 96. .or something like that. .already i don’t remember. .definately didn’t break 100, and definately got in the low sixties once. .think i’ll go pro pretty soon. .high score of the night went to jeff with something in the mid 150s. .i bowled a few double gutter-balls (but two near-turkeys), though adam had the ignominy of rolling two gutters while an eight year old girl threw a strike. .eight year olds, dude. .all in all: $13 to spend a good two hours+ quoting big lebowski and teaching the rock-lock. .a thirteen dollars well spent. !rawk!

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