down to candle stubs

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.i’m already starting to burn out. .i’m not even in a lab yet; classes are just proving to be a pain in my ass. .my hope is that joining a lab will be a good muse for me, but who knows when (if) that will happen. .don’t even get me started on joining a group. .i don’t know what i want to do. .additionally, i don’t know who’s doing what i don’t know i want to do. .if you will recall, i thought i really waned to do quantum computation/information. .well, some of the stuff i’ve learned from class, group meetings, grad students etc. is super interesting. .sadly, a good chunk of that stuff is super not interesting. ?i may still decide to work that angle, but who can say? .and every time i think about professors, i always start thinking about why i went for a chem/math double instead of taking more physics classes (no clue – sounded good at the time). ?did i learn anything all that useful fom all those math classes? .only one or two of them. .bah. .a little deus ex machina would be appreciated right about now.

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