What is it about Polish?

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After ascribing more than 50 separate identities to the culprit believed to be Ireland’s most reckless driver, who had accumulated speeding tickets all over the country but gave a different address each time he was stopped, Garda finally realizes “Prawo Jazdy” is Polish for “Driving License” and not the name of some dangerous road hog.

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Especially funny to me considering my visit to a lovely, countryside Polish castle in the spring of 2001. I saved my ticket, so that, upon my return to the States, I was able to label each of my photographs with the castle’s name as printed on the ticket: “Castle Jednorazowego Wstępa”.

Only later did I realize that I had painstakingly marked each picture as “Castle Single Admission”.

Castle Jednorazowego Wstępa

Castle "Jednorazowego Wstępa" a.k.a. Niedzica Castle


    UberAlex 02.20.2009 @ 04:32

    That story is huge in Ireland, needless to say.

    I think the main reason that Polish catches people out is that it uses the latin alphabet, but shares almost no words or forms with the nearer languages such as German and French, or Italian.

    sms 02.23.2009 @ 00:42

    @UberAlex – You’re wrong about words or forms in polish language originated from German or French. There’re specially from German language and mostly in south Poland. There’re of cours many words or sentences that are directly from Latin language.

      Mateusz 03.02.2009 @ 11:03

      Exactly, my language is derived from the Slavic and the Latin :)
      German is Germanic. French Romanesque to.

    Gold Ankauf 10.07.2009 @ 16:37

    i was there.. it’s a great place!

    ibnurusydy 09.19.2012 @ 22:35

    hopefully be there soon

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