My bits are falling apart

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As promised, I have started running. And, as predicted, the schedule is kicking my pansy ass. I was supposed to run one and a half miles the first day (yesterday) but only managed to run the first half a mile before having to walk a bit. Overall, I ran a total of one mile. Go me.

Today I was scheduled to run three miles. Though I managed better than the day before, I still couldn’t run the whole thing. I ran one mile before having to walk; I ran a bit over two miles overall. On the plus side, the path I took turned out to be four miles instead of three. So, adding the walking I did when I should have been running and the walking I did back and forth to campus, I walked nearly four miles today. Walking’s nice; I like it.

“How do I feel?” you ask. Thank you for asking. I feel horrible :) I typically don’t get sore until two days after working out (rather than the next day). Right now I can barely move my legs. That means this running nonsense has made me sore just the day after or perhaps even the very same day. I shudder to think how I’ll feel tomorrow morning. Plus my foot hurts. Same for some funny tendon in my groinal region. And my back is stiff.

This is supposed to be good for me?

The schedule puts me back to one and a half miles tomorrow. I might just have a chance, assuming my groinal region doesn’t brast all to shivers.


More Sandwich Making

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A bit silly to keep writing about sandwiches, but I’ve just eaten a most delicious concoction and felt I should share it with the world: An Egg and Herbs on Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich Sandwich.

Parse that!

That’s right: a sandwich of sandwiches.

  • Layer 1: Grilled Cheese Sandwich (Bread, Cheese, Bread)
  • Layer 2: Eggs (cooked omelette style with mixed Herbs)
  • Layer 3: Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich (Bread, Cheese, Ham, Bread)

I’ve done this before but put the ham (or bacon) inside the folded in half omelette. That way even the interior layer could (by some) be called a sandwich.

Delicious. I encourage you all to try it and/or to construct other novel sandwiched sandwhiches.


WordPress 1.5.1 — 14:34

The new release of WordPress is out. Time to upgrade.


The Final Countdown

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Ok, so I’ve been saying for… years? that I’m going to try and get back into shape. To the many people thinking “‘back into shape’? He means ‘in shape in the first place’ right?”, screw off. I was totally in shape when I was in eighth grade.

Telling Joanna that I needed distraction and some healthy endorphins, she kindly sent me a training schedule for novices wanting to get into running and into shape. By ‘novice’, the site means ‘this will kick your pansy ass, you scrawny weakling. Yes I’m talking to you, patsy. Yeah. You. The one in the DeCSS shirt. What the hell is that, anyway? Shut it! Go run six thousand miles. And eat something for Christ’s sake!’.

I start on Tuesday the tenth. I’m totally screwed.

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