More Sandwich Making

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A bit silly to keep writing about sandwiches, but I’ve just eaten a most delicious concoction and felt I should share it with the world: An Egg and Herbs on Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich Sandwich.

Parse that!

That’s right: a sandwich of sandwiches.

  • Layer 1: Grilled Cheese Sandwich (Bread, Cheese, Bread)
  • Layer 2: Eggs (cooked omelette style with mixed Herbs)
  • Layer 3: Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich (Bread, Cheese, Ham, Bread)

I’ve done this before but put the ham (or bacon) inside the folded in half omelette. That way even the interior layer could (by some) be called a sandwich.

Delicious. I encourage you all to try it and/or to construct other novel sandwiched sandwhiches.


    Adam 05.10.2005 @ 17:57

    If you’re willing to venture into the world of dessert sandwiches (and who isn’t!), there’s always the Ice Cream Sandwich Sandwich.

    Holly 05.12.2005 @ 00:19

    I love sandwiches, especially from Highland Cafe in Pasasdena. Yumm.

    MDA 05.12.2005 @ 00:52

    Adam, I’ll go ahead and say that sounds delicious ahead of time, but I’m not sure what the ice cream sandwiches are meant to be sandwiching in your example. More ice cream? Then it’d just be a quadruple decker. Let me know; I’ll totally rock it.

    Holly, Agreed. Sandwiches are awesome. The one time I went to Highland cafe, though, didn’t really do it for me. Does it merit a second chance?

    But perhaps I’m mistaken. I’ve only been to the one on Colorado; I’ve not been to the one over in Pasasdena.

    Adam 05.12.2005 @ 19:47

    The Ice Cream Sandwich Sandwich is indeed a little bit less inventive than your compound sandwiches:

    Ingredients: 3 ice cream sandwiches

    1) Remove one (1) cookie from two (2) of the sandwiches.
    2) Place the two altered ice cream sandwiches on either side of the third sandwich (ice-cream first, naturally).

    What you get:


    Adam 05.12.2005 @ 19:49

    Crap!!! It destroyed my ASCII Drawing!!!

    I’ll try a small one:

    -Ice Cream-
    -Ice Cream-
    -Ice Cream-

    MDA 05.16.2005 @ 20:53

    That does sound delicious, though, as you point out, not quite the same. I’ll give it a whirl all the same.

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