The Final Countdown

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Ok, so I’ve been saying for… years? that I’m going to try and get back into shape. To the many people thinking “‘back into shape’? He means ‘in shape in the first place’ right?”, screw off. I was totally in shape when I was in eighth grade.

Telling Joanna that I needed distraction and some healthy endorphins, she kindly sent me a training schedule for novices wanting to get into running and into shape. By ‘novice’, the site means ‘this will kick your pansy ass, you scrawny weakling. Yes I’m talking to you, patsy. Yeah. You. The one in the DeCSS shirt. What the hell is that, anyway? Shut it! Go run six thousand miles. And eat something for Christ’s sake!’.

I start on Tuesday the tenth. I’m totally screwed.


    L 05.04.2005 @ 14:48

    Ooh, hey, let’s go running sometime! I promise I’m not nearly as in shape as I used to be, so it would all even out…

    No really, I’m serious; my running partners all have way too sporadic schedules or get up at imaginary hours that shouldn’t exist…

    jjk 05.04.2005 @ 15:56

    Congratulations Mike! I will be with you in spirit on your first few runs, but only in spirit. If you think I’m about to run myself into good shape, you’re kidding (these knees can’t handle that crap). But, it seems to be something that some people just do and have no problem with. Here’s to hoping you’re one of them.

    Good luck!

    gv 05.04.2005 @ 19:18

    You could start with some 12 ounce curls. Our fridge is a bit over-full at the moment. While you’re in there could you get me one? I’ve already done my share of exercise for the day.

    Adam 05.05.2005 @ 10:14

    If you’d like to add some weight lifting in about a month, just let me know.

    xaosseed 05.05.2005 @ 11:10

    Oh my god you married one of Ernies cooks?!

    MDA 05.05.2005 @ 11:32

    L and sundry; For the first week or so I plan on running solo; I don’t even know what my pace is yet (and I hear you run like a three minute mile, or some such). Thanks for the offer :)

    jjk; Maybe you can do matching time on the elliptical :) Ooh – better idea: Keep to the schedule, but run on your hands instead of your feet. I mean, your elbows are fine, right?

    gv; As I said last night, get your own damn beer (but thanks for cleaning the kitchen!).

    Adam; Possiblaye.

    xaosseed; Yeah – I guess what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Let that be a lesson to all. And, no, I don’t even get free lunch.

    people who don’t like me responding to a thousand different comments all at once; Shove it.

    Mom; As I said on the phone, the Vegas/Marriage thing is a joke. We got hitched right here in Pasadena ;)

    Joanna 05.11.2005 @ 07:29

    soooo, yesterday being tuesday the 10th, how did it go?

    MDA 05.11.2005 @ 10:29

    My legs held up just fine – real troopers they are. My heart, however, was about to explode, so I walked part of it. I may have to do the first week twice before I can really get into this.

    I’m about to hit up the second day, though. I’ll let you know.

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