Cancelling Amazon Prime is absurdly easy

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Through some random promotion, I was given a trial membership of Amazon‘s Amazon Prime, a service offering free two-day shipping on most items and overnight shipping for only $4 per item. It’s a really ncie service, but I just don’t think I shop enough to warrant the $80 per year fee for the permenant membership.

So I cancelled it, and it was ridiculously easy; no AOL is Amazon [2].

Check out these delightful screen grabs.

Amazon Prime Cancellation Before Amazon Prime Cancellation After

Not even a browser refresh between them; just click the button and, a little javascript fade later, it’s all done.

Nice job, Amazon.


Gmail’s Spell Checker Can’t Spell “Gmail’s”

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Gmail's Spelling


Google Firefox Browser Sync

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I’m behind the times here, but I just installed Google Labs’ Google Browser Sync for Firefox. All my bookmarks, cookies, history information, and passwords are now synced between my office, my laptop and my lab accounts. It even remembers what tabs/windows I had open when I last quit Firefox, so I can browse at home, quit Firefox, go to work, open up a browser and I’ll see before me all the tabs I just had open at home.

And everything’s encrypted. Too slick.

Of course, this means Greg can look at porn on my laptop and make it pop up on my office computer. (awkward).

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