Cancelling Amazon Prime is absurdly easy

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Through some random promotion, I was given a trial membership of Amazon‘s Amazon Prime, a service offering free two-day shipping on most items and overnight shipping for only $4 per item. It’s a really ncie service, but I just don’t think I shop enough to warrant the $80 per year fee for the permenant membership.

So I cancelled it, and it was ridiculously easy; no AOL is Amazon [2].

Check out these delightful screen grabs.

Amazon Prime Cancellation Before Amazon Prime Cancellation After

Not even a browser refresh between them; just click the button and, a little javascript fade later, it’s all done.

Nice job, Amazon.


    John H 12.16.2008 @ 08:08

    Are you able to cancel this even if you have already used the free shipping options that it gives you?

      MDA 12.16.2008 @ 11:53

      I was able to.

    Sharon 01.01.2009 @ 06:34

    Every time I try to get to the cancellation page, the page reports that I am not a member, but I also signed up for the trial… I know I don’t want to continue with it. I did the free trial, but after adding it up, I know I won’t use it nearly enough to make it worthwhile.
    My question is “where is the cancel link”, because the one I get to says 1. I am not a member, and 2. it is not good for promotional offers.
    In other words, it won’t let me cancel.

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