Evil Web Design

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A gynormous pet peeve of mine: links on web pages whose text changes size when hovered over. When they’re in some sort of menu, the effects are often only aesthetically vomitous. But when they are inside a section of text, they can change the layout around far too much to be able to not piss the ever living daylights out of me. And when I piss everliving daylights, I get angry.

I put web designers who commit such crimes somewhere between the 6th and 7th circles of hell.


To a certain Someone

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I deal with people Everyday. Multiple times a day, really. And, as a consequence of this people dealing, I have found there are several people in this world whom I find terribly annoying. That set of people happens to overlap (albeit lightly) with the set of people with whom I deal regularly.

I suppose that since that intersection of sets is non-null, you might as well be an element therein.

But, not necessarily a believer in fate, but rather a believer that something can be learned from every situation into which one gets tossed, I’d like to take this (contrived) opportunity to thank you for being so completely antiposed (to conflate a few apropos words) to my idea of a one hundred percent not-at-all annoying individual. You see, in reflecting upon just why I find every action of yours to grate so on the very sinews of my body and to jar so truly the synapses of my nervous system, I have discovered that I’m really being very bigoted.

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Turn up the AC

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My laptop is really heating up now, and I think its fans have gone into second gear trying to calculate a very nice looking integral. I’m sure if I were clever, it’d be fairly easy to do by hand. But I’m not, so it isn’t.

In ~Mathematica Lingo:
Integral[Exp[[ImaginaryI] k.u] Exp[-m Abs[u]]/Abs[u], {u, all space}] (u, k 3-vectors)

(a 3D Fourier transform of Exp[-m Abs[u]]/Abs[u])

It’s for my Relativistic Quantum problem set. The problem set is late. Late because I’ve been spending all my time TAing Ph3.

I hate Ph3. It’s a huge pain in my ass; it eats away all my time and most of my will to live. I have to meet at least six times a week for this class. Six. And it’s a mechanics/circuits lab; I don’t even have access to any liquid nitrogen to cool down my currently-in-the-blackbody-domain laptop.

I wonder, is stress induced brain hemorrhaging grounds for collecting worker’s comp?


“I have not suggested that there is a connection between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda”

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–Dick Cheney

In fairness the time period during which he did not make such a suggestion was not explicitly specifed. He could have meant “I have not suggested [within this debate] …”. But let’s be honest, Cheney’s full of crap. Well… I take that back. He’s not full of crap. Cheney’s very intelligent, actually. He’s just evil and manipulative.

He’s also very consistent on his inconsistency in labelling Senator John Kerry’s consistency.

Ah well – Hopefully I won’t have to see Cheney ever again for an extended period of time.



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Damn you charter cable! Here I am spending hours trying to figure out what’s wrong with my webserver (it couldn’t be seen from outside the router), and it turns out that you’ve been blocking port 80 all along. You asses! What the hell kind of problem do you have with me having a webserver?


Tell me. Now. ‘Cause I’m listening. ON FREAKIN’ PORT 8000!!

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