To a certain Someone

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I deal with people Everyday. Multiple times a day, really. And, as a consequence of this people dealing, I have found there are several people in this world whom I find terribly annoying. That set of people happens to overlap (albeit lightly) with the set of people with whom I deal regularly.

I suppose that since that intersection of sets is non-null, you might as well be an element therein.

But, not necessarily a believer in fate, but rather a believer that something can be learned from every situation into which one gets tossed, I’d like to take this (contrived) opportunity to thank you for being so completely antiposed (to conflate a few apropos words) to my idea of a one hundred percent not-at-all annoying individual. You see, in reflecting upon just why I find every action of yours to grate so on the very sinews of my body and to jar so truly the synapses of my nervous system, I have discovered that I’m really being very bigoted.

Not in the traditional since, mind you. There is no extensive group of people I am judging based on some apprent set of descriptors. Rather, the group in this instance is quite small. In fact, it consists of a single entity: you. I have found that I am being unfair in saying that everything you do annoys me. It is instead that you yourself annoy me, wholly, and unceasingly: as it was when I met you, is now and ever shall be, world without end.

It’s not that what you do is so fantastically horrid, it’s not even that who you are is so completely odious. It is instead that you and I simply do not, cannot mesh. And because of that, I have been unfairly blaming every action you take in my presence for the deep feelings of aggrivation I have consistently felt in that presence.

I have learned, and I have endeavored to improve myself: I will never get along with you. Now, I don’t hate you. Not in the slightest; we simply do not work well together. And I am truly thankful for this knowledge. I now know that even though you irritate me to the fullest, I no longer have to bother about it. I know that it is not your actions, it is not your person, but rather it is the way in which our persons cause the two of us to interact. I cannot change me, you cannot change you, neither of us can change the other. I am blissfully free from you now.

I am also thankful for our having met, because it forced me into a bit of self-reflection. Do I find you so annoying because you are too similar to me in certain, key ways? Does this, in turn, imply that I have issues with myself that I have not overcome (certainly I do have such issues, but the salient point is whether or not what I see in you leads directly to those issues). If so, can I identify those issues and make moves to address them?

Taken as a whole, my interactions with you, this group of one that causes my body and mind to contract within itself to avoid lashing out, have been essentially (as in, “at their essence”) educational.

Now just leave me the fuck alone every once in a while.


    Marc Broussard 10.17.2004 @ 01:30

    Ok, I get that you don’t like my music and you don’t like hanging out with me! There’s no need to continue ranting about me and my music! Let me have some peace damn you. I can’t please everyone, and I see no point in busting my balls to please little old you. Therefore, I will try to please those who are most easily pleased. Is there anything wrong with that? Is there no end to your “aggrivation[sic]”?

    Spymob 10.17.2004 @ 01:37

    Jesus, Marc, you need to get a life. And I think it would be best if we just made public our refusal of your request to work with us. We have artistic integrity you know. Maybe Mike can explain to you what that is.
    And by the way, “German Test Drive” is an allegory about how you drive us crazy.

    TMBG 10.17.2004 @ 01:40

    Wow, MDA always led us to believe we were his only famous musician friends. I can see from these comments that it’s probably true.

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