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These tidbits are short enough that they'd waste space if they were displayed as "real" posts, but are too important not to include. They're typically just links to some "interesting" somethign.


Evolution Smackdown 2007 — 11:05

Hannah has some great links about the fallacy of evolution on her site. I couldn’t resist pointing people to them. Peanut Butter and Bananas, each the atheist’s nightmare.


Orange Soda — 14:41

I remember a time when I really enjoyed orange soda, but I just had a can of Sunkist and couldn’t finish it it was so bad. Do I hate all orange soda or is it just Sunkist that sucks?


Sini Fulvi Fontal — 21:19

A delicious cheese available from Whole Foods. A bit gouda-esque.


What I did today — 20:29

Maybe people wonder what sorts of things I do on a daily basis over at Automattic. But maybe not. At any rate, today I unleashed LaTeX on WordPress.com


New WordPress and bbPress — 17:08

WordPress 2.0.5 Ronan and bbPress 0.73 Not as cute as Ronan have just been released.


bbPress 0.72 “Bix” — 12:00

bbPress’ twenty-two month gestation period is finally over, and a new bbaby is born!


How to pronounce mdawaffe — 23:13

M D A vaffuh.


TMNT — 15:22



I wear glasses because contacts make you go blind — 12:01

Contact solution harbours blinding eye fungus!


My cell phone and car are clearly in collusion — 10:39

After nearly six months, I finally received the $200 cell phone rebate I’ve been waiting for. Just in time for $191.89 worth of car repair (the battery and electronics system). Any suggestions on what I should do with my new found $8.11 riches?

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