I wear glasses because contacts make you go blind

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Contact solution harbours blinding eye fungus!


    Ed 04.14.2006 @ 16:22

    I’ve been using this stuff for a couple of months, and I still have a vast amount of it left (I bought two bottles). Now, I’m trying to weigh the pros and cons of having to spend a small fortune on another bottle of lens cleaner vs. contracting a rare fungal infection that causes me to go blind.

    The article says that there are several hundred thousand purchasers of this stuff, but only 109 reports of fusarium keratitis over the last 10 months. So the odds seem good that my bottle is fine, but then the cost of losing is a bit high…

    MDA 04.15.2006 @ 15:22

    My girlfriend Michelle pointed out to me that Bausch & Lomb is doing some kind of refund deal.


    Ed 04.17.2006 @ 18:16

    You have made me a very happy man today. I’m going to be drowning in new bottles of fungus-free contact lens solution.

    ... 02.06.2009 @ 07:43

    I don’t know about lenses but i am sure that glases make your eyesight worse than they were before you started waearing them. If you start waering them you will receive a stronger and stronger prescription every time. I would wholeheartedly advise anyone not to waer glasses unless their eyesight was in such a state that it is absolutely neccesary. I telll all my friends and family this and i hope that from now on you will do the same. Had i known that theyd reduce my eyesight to what it is like now, i NEVER HAVE WORN THEM, EVER !. If only you could turn back time… i whish.

    now i am entirly dependant on glases and will be for the rest of my life.

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