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MDA, remember to send in that cellphone rebate!


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This is the reason I do my best to separate my personal from my professional correspondence.


To the seemingly pleasant woman who nearly ran me over on Wilson and California

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While I clearly had the right of way, there are no hard feelings. I made some bad (read “stupid”) assumptions about how you would behave in the situation, and the whole problem could have been avoided if I weren’t thinking about the k-Local-Hamiltonian problem while trying to read the road.

In case you’re wondering why I didn’t stop sooner, I had a fair bit of momentum built up. Stopping any shorter than I did would have caused me to go over the handle bars, and I think we can both agree that it’s better you hit my wheel (which was unscathed) than my head (which would have been lucky had it received only a scathe or two).

Also, I should have pulled over to talk to you, but as there were no injuries or damages (and since I wasn’t thinking super clearly on account of having just been hit by a car) I went on my (honestly) merry way. (And I complain that I never meet new people.)

Should the occasion again arise, I’ll be smarter on both fronts. Unfortunately, I doubt you’ll ever see this. I think you were Caltech, though, so maybe you know someone who knows someone who’ll point you over here. My email can be found from the “contact” link in the upper right if you have the inclination.

(Yes, Mom, I’m fine, and it is my firm belief that she is as well.)

Oh so it’s my fault!

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I was recently looking for some information on Bank of America‘s site but was being frustrated by their servers’ poor response time. Eventually, Bank of America spewed back the following at me.

Your browser couldn’t connect you to the page you attempted to access.

Jackasses. My browser is not the problem. Don’t try to foist this on me; get your servers in line.

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