Oh so it’s my fault!

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I was recently looking for some information on Bank of America‘s site but was being frustrated by their servers’ poor response time. Eventually, Bank of America spewed back the following at me.

Your browser couldn’t connect you to the page you attempted to access.

Jackasses. My browser is not the problem. Don’t try to foist this on me; get your servers in line.


    Paul.za 11.01.2005 @ 15:25

    Yes, I’ve been trying to get through to that server too, and hit the same problems. It’s been down now for at least five hours, so I don’t know why they can’t provide a more informative (and less accusatory) explanation.

    Anyway, I’ll be giving you a rent check just as soon as I can see that my paycheck has arrived in my account!

    jjk 11.01.2005 @ 16:05

    Ah, you see Mike, your bank account couldn’t connect you to Paul’s bank account to get the rent money.

    That’s not Paul’s fault.

    MDA 11.01.2005 @ 19:18

    Ha. It’s Paul.za that should be blaming me where it comes to rent. I usually don’t deposit his checks for weeks.

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