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You may be thinking this post will be about the Korean War or American suburbia. You’d be wrong.

Last night, Jeff, Paul.za, Greg and I hit up two modern classics of the fast food industry: Del Taco’s Taco Tuesday and McDonald’s’ Tuesday McNugget special. A total of twenty-one tacos and forty-two nuggets were purchased and devoured (by no means a record), eight and twelve by me; over a period of approximately thirty minutes I consumed about 1950 Calories (for Ariele’s sake, I won’t do the math of Jeff’s intake).

I say this not as a means of instigating competition (which I’d surely lose) but rather to point out how strange it is to consume a day’s worth of caloric content in a single meal. Me: “I eat because I can.” Starving kid: “I eat when I can.”

I’d feel bad about my gluttony except Greg came up with a nice inductive proof allowing for the consumption of an arbitrary number of tacos/nuggets without sin.

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    Adam 09.22.2005 @ 03:35

    What the hell! This kind of activity just screams “Bring Adam along.”

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