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I have been admonished for having a slow site. I don’t access it much from outside my apartment, so I was unaware of the annoyance. I knew that the photos were slow to load; I’ve been thinking about preloading them ahead of time, but I’m not sure about the best way to do that. Photos may just have to be slow.

The more important issue is the images loaded in my css. They take too long. I’ve been thinking about reworking the style of the site, anyway. Perhaps I’ll try to get something a bit less bandwidth intensive. The real problem is that I’m doing my own hosting over a cable modem: not much uploading bandwidth. I’ll look into other possibilities, but I’m cheap.

As a stopgap, I’ll change a few links and have caltech host all my images, so at least those will load a bit faster.

I’ve also just finished importaing all my old .in need of a life. entries to this site. Many of the links are likely broken. I will not be fixing them. Deal with it.


    MDA 11.29.2004 @ 00:48

    I’ve also changed the site a bit so things load in a different order. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before; it makes the initial load look much cleaner.

    Let me know if the site loads faster/slower/the same (things to check – people’s names, photo galleries, overall loading time).

    xaosseed 11.29.2004 @ 14:53

    I admonish you for your ludicrous inaccessibility. Your excuse that it suits *you* and not *me* is… frankly just not on.

    I mean, I can only log on during the most of the evenings I spend online but not from behind my corp’s firewall. This is pants, and not even the delectable Ms. Dushku’s pants, this is elasticated fat pants. Trailer-trash born again elasticated fat pants. For crying out loud man – I have to do *work* when I could be surfing this place!

    Also, your critics speak nonsense, you site is rapid, its just inaccessible.

    Dixie 11.30.2004 @ 00:16

    It loads faster now. I don’t know what xaosseed’s issue with the port is; I suspect the invisible rays of goodness and light emanating from your site are repulsive to his Evil Corp’s sensibilities and to prevent such goodness from infiltrating, the entire blogwaffe site is blocked.

    Just a theory.

    MDA 11.30.2004 @ 01:50

    I’ll second Dixie and stick with my greenpeace theory. But I will work on getting Ms. Dushku aboard (pants or no).

    xaosseed 12.01.2004 @ 15:01

    I was going to spit and snarl a bit more after another day at work with no blogwaffe, but then you brought the delectable Ms. Dushku (pantsless) into the equation and now… I can forgive a lot for that.

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